Princess Komuntale, New Lover Enjoy Steamy PDA

Princess Komuntale, New Lover Enjoy Steamy PDA an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Tooro kingdom princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale is enjoying passionate romance with her new  love Phil Amooti.

Komuntale pecks Phil
Komuntale pecks Phil

Our Spies intimate the Komuntale and Phil are enjoying the rarest romantic moments of  their time together. The loved couple is often traveling across the globe during their merrymaking sessions and the Princess raised eyebrows a few days back after posting a video of two ferociously kissing.

Ever since Phil and Komuntale hooked up last year the Princess has been deeply, madly in love with the dude.

Phil and Princess Komuntale
Phil and Princess Komuntale

Pals say that he has since made  her forget the heartache and sorrow she endured when her marriage with Duke Thomas   hit rocks a few years back shortly after their magnificent wedding.

However, with Phil, the Princess seems to have found her Prince Charming. an accessible web community

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