Prof. Twinomugisha Condemns Sexual Abuse, Brutality Against MUK Students By Security Officers

Prof. Twinomugisha Condemns Sexual Abuse, Brutality Against MUK Students By Security Officers an accessible web community

By Peter Ssebulime

Kampala: Prof. Ben Twinomugisha, a don at the Makerere University School of Law, has condemned acts of sexual harrassment and brutality being meted unto students by security officers deployed at MUK.

Makerere Students staged protests aginst the 15% increment in Tuition, which started on Tuesday but have since entered the fourth day.
The protests have left many students nursing wounds, jailed or hospitalised, while others complain of being sexually abused, following violent clashes between them and security officers deployed at the University.

Following the standoff between the students and security officers, Prof. Twinonmugisha has since announced a one-day protest as a way of expressing his disatisfaction about what is going on at Makerere.

He told our reporter on Friday that “I will not step at Makerere today. I must rebel individually in protest against the vulgar, despicable and horrendous mistreatment of students. What happened in Lumumba is reminiscent of Amin soldiers’ brutal treatment of students and lecturers. Anyone pretending that the situation is normal is like the proverbial ostrich – hiding his or her head under the sand. Imagine your son or daughter in a room. Military thugs forcifully open the door, pull him or her out amidst beatings!”

He added that “Your daughter being raped, molested or assaulted! Ladies and gentlemen, this militarization of all institutions, including the Ivory Tower, the citadel of higher learning, must be condemned by all people of good conscience. Thus, I have decided, as a matter of conscience, to stay away from the ‘torture chambers’ of Makerere University today. My heart, body and soul are bleeding. I have no mental health to teach. Have a blessed day.”

His utterances come amidst allegations that security forces raided various hostels on Thursday night and brutalised several students there, on top of destroying their property.

By Friday morning no student was allowed at the Unversity and the police were assaulting all journalists or anyone found filming any activity at Campus. an accessible web community

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