Property Mogul Sudhir Unveils World Class 156 Apartments In Kololo, Book Yours Now

Property Mogul Sudhir Unveils World Class 156 Apartments In Kololo, Book Yours Now an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

After elevation of multibillion Pearl Business Park, Ruparelia Group under its construction company Crane Management Limited has now unveiled new State Of The Art One-10 Apartments In Kololo.

Interacting with the sources at the site, we learnt that the apartments offer 156 units with one, two, three and four bedroom apartments that are available for sell.

Source said, “These apartments were initially named One-10 to reflect the number of apartments in the building. With the expansion of the apartment complex, the “One” in the building’s name has come to symbolize your number One choice of sanctuary-style accommodation in a league of its own. While the “Ten” represents the top 10 luxury home qualities that without doubt believe this unique and complex retains.”

“The apartments are the very embodiment of Ideal location, Spacious setting, Unique comfort, Lavish décor, Fantastic views, Healthy environment, Security and safety, Spectacular design, Aesthetic beauty and Leisure amenities,” source added.

This complex also features a serenity swimming pool that adds a visually arresting component to an idyllic location. Indulge in the vibrant city life with easy access to social amenities like bars, lounges and a host of other shared spaces immersing your new lifestyle in opulence. The Apartment itself is a structural miracle in the way it rises to the 11th floor to provide spine-tingling views of the city below.

Commenting on this big project, Managing Director Ruparelia Group, Rajiv Ruparelia said; “It is our mission as it has been with all our other developments to deliver the project in time and within budget. We have assembled a project management team that boasts significant experience in the construction industry and are able to give the project life.”

He adds, “One-10 Apartments, we sourced and procured the finest and most durable building materials that set aside our developments from the rest. In addition, we are committed to delivering the highest quality, leaving no detail untouched. With our experience in the industry we have tried and tested numerous materials and our aim is to deliver high quality finishing with minimal maintenance.”

On there other hand, Chairman of Ruparelia Group, Sudhir Ruparelia said; “All over the world real estate is considered to be one of the most secure long term investment options and Uganda is no exception. The ethos of Meera Investments since its inception in 1994 has been to build high quality, state of the art residential and commercial developments.”

“Meera Investments Ltd launched its Build- to-Sell arm in 2018, and with successful demand in our first project Tagore Living. We are now pleased to launch our most luxurious edition One-10 Apartments, Prince Charles Drive, Kololo. Our vision is to create an opportunity for both Ugandans & foreigners to invest and own property in Uganda, for either residential or investment purposes. We understand our responsibility as your property developer and Meera Investments Ltd. Remains committed to building quality projects in a timely manner,” he adds.

On the features of these apartments, Sudhir says, “To ease life for our residents we the developers will include under water tanks and back-up generators to ensure smooth living. We believe in long term satisfaction and we are confident you will find this at One-10 Apartments.

“One-10 Apartments is the most luxurious edition to our Build-to-sell arm in Meera Investments, with its prime location, spacious & modern apartment designs and array of communal areas which include a proposed café and poolside bar, this is the first of its kind in Uganda.”

“Backed by our strong financials and over 25 years of experience in building developments ranging from schools, hotels to commercial projects, Meera Investments Ltd is one of the leading and most recognised developers in Uganda. A testament to our credentials and credibility can be seen in Kampala’s skyline, which is dominated by our projects.” an accessible web community

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