Prophet Mbonye Balloons Ex-Miss UG Ellah?

Prophet Mbonye Balloons Ex-Miss UG Ellah? an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Word on the grapevine has is that celebrated city prophet Elvis Mbonye could be father, after reportedly planting a germinating Seed in former Miss Uganda Esther Nantumbwe aka Ellah.

Ellah having a nice time

Our Spies have learnt of rumours circulating that Ellah is keeping out of the public eye ever since she realised that she had conceived a Penalty and because she is not Hail Mary, no one expects her to have been ballooned by the Holy Spirit. As a result of her current situation, Spies  intimate that Ellah has decided to keep in seclusion until she either drops the tot or comes to terms with fact of becoming a mother soon.

Ellah’s post about Prophet Mbonye

Word about Ellah and Mbonye’s banging started circulating last year after he reportedly threw her massive birthday bash at a city hotel,  at which he allegedly gifted  her with a swanky Lexus registration number UBE 963F. However, neither Mbonye nor Ellah has come  out to either deny or admit that they are dating, something that has even fueled rumours of their banging further. But like we said, this is word on the grapevine and in case of any developments, trust our Spies to bring you the juicy details. an accessible web community

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    Hahahahaaa, “Pasita” Mbonye otuuse okufuna Ekiwuka, naye 1st Pix ne 2nd Pix nga abantu baringa banjawulo mu 2nd Pix yali yakazukuka kumakya!


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