Putin Awards Two Ukrainian Cities “Military Glory” Titles

Putin Awards Two Ukrainian Cities “Military Glory” Titles

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded two Ukrainian cities, currently under Russian control, with “Military Glory” titles, as reported on Tuesday, November 15.

This has been confirmed in a decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin who noted that Melitopol and Mariupol cities have been awarded the titles of “City of Military Glory”.

“For courage, steadfastness and mass heroism shown by the city defenders in the fight for freedom and independence of the Fatherland, to award Melitopol the honorary title of the Russian Federation City of Military Glory,” the decree read.

Gennady Krasnikov, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, proposed that Melitopol and Mariupol should be awarded the title “City of Military Glory” during his report to Putin at a meeting of the Russian Victory organising committee.

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