Puzzled! Health Officials Worried After Drivers Turn Trucks Into Mobile Lodges For Sex Marathons As They Wait For COVID-19 Results

Puzzled! Health Officials Worried After Drivers Turn Trucks Into Mobile Lodges For Sex Marathons As They Wait For COVID-19 Results

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By Spy Uganda

Health officials in Northern Uganda are puzzled and worried that Elegu border is fast becoming the hot spot for the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) after truck drivers decided to turn their trucks into mobile lodges, in which  they are enjoying bonking sprees as they wait for their COVID-19 results ‘patiently’.  

Our Spies there have established that despite the high risks of getting infected with COVID-19, sex workers at Elegu border post between South Sudan and Uganda are minting money by supplying their Pum-pum to truck drivers, who are paying handsomely, without much bargain.

Sources in the area reveal that currently, sex sells like hot cake and since the drivers no longer have to incur costs for lodges and hotels, the rate at which they are bonking Yoyo vendors  has doubled in the past few months, and ofcourse the cost has also slightly increased since there is no more lodge costs.

“It is common to see sex workers lining up outside trucks as drivers scramble to choose their favourite, when a driver is done with one, he sends her out of the truck and chooses another to satisfy his raging lust,” a source who preferred anonymity told our reporter there.

Although the Ministry of Health issued a directive to all Ugandans to maintain Social Distance as a way of preventing the spread of Coronavirus, officials reveal that the lengthy queues of cargo trucks in Elegu town, Amuru District are facilitating illicit commercial sex trade in the area.

As a safeguard to curb the spread, all lodges in Elegu border town were closed in March. But Kassim Akule, the LCI chairperson of Lorikwor West village in Elegu explains that now, the illicit business is being transacted inside trucks as hundreds of cargo drivers arriving from South Sudan spend between two and four days awaiting clearance to drive into Uganda.

Amuru District Chairperson, Michael Lakony, said some of the truck drivers meet with the sex workers in rented grass thatched huts while others prefer to use their trucks as lodges, making it hard to enforce presidential directives of preventing the spread of the virus by avoiding contact with the truckers.

However, one commercial sex worker said that some of the truck drivers have families in Elegu and because of the restriction imposed on them, they are only able to meet their sexual partners in trucks at night.

The slow-paced COVID-19 testing process has led to pileups of cargo trucks, at times stretching over 60kms at Uganda’s points of entry in Elegu, Malaba, Busia and Mutukula.

The district Woman MP Lucy Akello, asserted that district leaders backed by security are finding it extremely difficult to regulate the illicit sex trade but said the authorities are liaising with relevant development partners to conduct intensive counselling among the sex workers.

Last week, the minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng rallied Amuru leaders to conduct comprehensive risk communication and community engagement to help mitigate the possible spread of the contagion.

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