Quiin Abenakyo Makes It To Top 15 Ahead Of Miss World Grand Finale

Quiin Abenakyo Makes It To Top 15 Ahead Of Miss World Grand Finale

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By Samuel Opio

Uganda’s reigning queen Quiin Abenakyo is now among the top 15 beauty queens at the Miss World competition.

“We’re now in top 15. Uganda thank you for voting -Quiin Abenakyo for Miss World. The Miss World 2018 Grand Finale VOTING is NOW OPEN. We are still voting & Quiin needs you!” Miss Uganda Foundation said in a social media statement.

The statement explains: “There are 3 Ways that you can vote. The contestant who performs the best among all 3 platforms has high chances of wearing the Miss World Crown, so we need you to share! Voting is open, until Dec 8th, 2018 let’s make it count.”

Quiin Abenakyo Makes It To Top 15 Ahead Of Miss World Grand Finale

You can vote by:

1) Voting for Quiin on the Miss World Website – www.missworld.com/#/contestants -Click the link, click the contestant, and click VOTE.

2) Like & comment on her photos on Quiin’s Official MobStar App account.

3) Voting for Quiin on Model Power Live – nsvote.onemyair.com/en/ Click the link, click the contestant and click like.

Miss Uganda Foundation believes “it is our time to shine at the Miss World. Every one that is voting and voted, thank you. Every one that has joined the campaign, politicians, celebrities, influencers, and companies, thank you. In this midst we want to thank our partners that made #missug18 possible.”

According to the standings from the closed vote session by https://www.missworld.com, Shrinkhala Khatiwada from Nepal is leading with 31.63% and followed at a respectable distance by Enkhriimaa Erdenebaatar from Mongolia with 18.17%.

Vy Tran from Vietnam has 6.45%, followed by Anukreethy Vas from India with 5.93%.

Miss Uganda Quiin Abenakyo has 4.89% followed by Yekaterina Dvoretskaya from Kazakhstan with 4.14%.

Miss World 2018 grand finale will be held in Sanya, China on Saturday 8th December.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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