R. Kelly Denied Bail Over Defilement, Child Abuse Cases

R. Kelly Denied Bail Over Defilement, Child Abuse Cases

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By Spy Uganda

International American RnB star Robert Kelly aka R. Kelly’s problems are not about to end yet.

The latest we have established is that a judge in R. Kelly’s Illinois sexual assault case has refused to give USD100,000 in bail money back to a Kelly friend who paid it in February to secure the singer’s release from county jail.

The judge said papers that Valencia Love signed clearly indicated she could lose the money.
Love’s lawyer John Collins said in court Tuesday that she didn’t know when she paid 10% of a USD1m bond that Kelly would be charged federally and land in federal jail. Collins said Love now fears losing all the money as charges against Kelly stack up.

R Kelly in court
R Kelly in court

Love made the payment of USD100,000 in four batches of USD25,000 in February, making it possible for the embattled singer to be released after he spent three nights behind bars.
Love, however, wants her money back after federal charges were levelled against the singer and his bail cancelled.

Attorney Michael Avenatti made a videotape available to the Chicago State prosecutors which showed R. Kelly having sex with an underage girl.
This is besides the 11 sexual abuse charges that were brought against him in the month of May alone, in Chicago.

When Love posted the bail for R. Kelly, she received a lot of online bashing with her businesses suffering some forms of attacks by Kelly protesters after she said he was a “gentleman: in their interactions.”

A judge, Lawrence Flood, however, already ruled that she will not receive her money back immediately, with the possibility of not at all.

“There’s a certain risk that a surety has in signing a bond slip on behalf of someone in custody. She took that risk,” Flood said.

In July, Kelly was arrested on charges out of Northern District of Illinois and the Eastern District of New York. The charges in those two cases include child pornography, obstruction of justice and sex trafficking.

Love gave a statement to the media little after she bonded the singer out, explaining her decision to put up the money.

Love’s attorney is now saying that his client was unaware of the federal charges, hence her u-turn on the decision to post bail for him.

Love has refused to divulge where the money for Kelly’s bond came from, but claimed the singer would have been freed eventually, even if it wasn’t with her help.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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