RDC Threatens To Drag Shuuku Town Council To IGG

RDC Threatens To Drag Shuuku Town Council To IGG

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By Micheal Atwakiire

 Sheema: The Sheema Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Frank Kyereere is threatening to report Shuuku Town Council officials to the Inspector General of Government ( IGG), accusing them of corruption.

Kyereere revealed this on Monday while meeting Shuuku Town Council members and staff of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) at Sheema district headquarters.

Kyereere and NWSC officials accused the Mayor Shuuku Town Council Boaz Biziira of allegedly misusing the money which has been collected from some water projects in his area. It is said that when NWSC started billing the residents, he (Biziira) directed them (residents) to break all the taps.

Kyereere said that he will write to the IGG to audit Biziira and group such that government can know the accountability of the money they have been collecting from the water projects.

Boaz Biziira mayor Shuuku town council
Boaz Biziira mayor Shuuku town council

 “It takes just a minute to bring here the IGG; you must tell us where you put that money and even the person who authorized you to collect it. By the way you may end up in prison because you don’t have any capacity to direct someone to break government property. I can’t allow someone to misuse government funds because those acts make the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government to lose its popularity slowly by slowly.”

However, Biziira told the RDC that he has delayed to call the IGG and that he should do  so as soon as possible.

“By the way Bwaana RDC, you are late. Call the IGG; for me I have already called Afande Nakalema to audit the National Water and Sewerage Corporation because  of the Shs100m  which was  allocated to Shuuku Town Council in the last financial year, NWSC  didn’t even spend Shs10M. Two days back I tried to calling Afande Nakalema but she didn’t pick my calls. Let her first come here and I’m sure some big people from the ministry of water will have questions to answer. If audited well, the accuser will end up being the accused.”

Biziira added that the reason why he ordered people to break all padlocks which the NWSC had put on some taps was because NWSC  broke the agreement it signed with Shuuku Town Council.

“We agreed with NWSC to start billing Shuuku people after the water pipeline rehabilitation but what shocked me was to see these officials billing us.  I asked myself; why? Why do you want my people to pay for dirty water? Should I say you want them to fall sick? By the way, you people go slow on those private water projects because their owners may take you to court.” Biziira warned.

The Greater Bushenyi NWSC manager Eng Kateeba said that the problem with mayor Biziira is that he mixes everything with politics. “Wherever he goes, he tells people that minister Ephraim Kamuntu wants to sell them water which isn’t true.”

Kateeba said.

At the end of the meeting Kyereere and others agreed that Shuuku Town Council residents should start paying water bills on  September 1st, 2019, something  Biziira didn’t agree with, saying that the residents will not pay until rehabilitation is done.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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