RDC Warns District Service Commission On Corruption

RDC Warns District Service Commission On Corruption

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Micheal Atwakiire

 Sheema: Frank Kyereere, the Sheema district Resident District Commissioner (RDC), has warned members of the District Service Commission chaired by Sam Kahindi against the rampant corruption in their offices.

Kyereere said that “I hear so many words circulating here and there that most people are charged money to get jobs. I have been told that you Service Commission members have some agents who bring you money from the applicants. I don’t know whether it’s true those agents are working on your orders or not, but if you know that you are among those who charge money, be careful.”

Sam Kahindi, the Chairman Service Commission

Kyereere later advised them to always follow the right procedures when recruiting employees by considering gender, balancing the regions,  religions and others procedures. “You shouldn’t recruit someone because you are friends or he/ she has given you money.  You should follow President Museveni’s examples especially when he is appointing ministers; he balances the regions, gender, education background. So if you don’t do that we are likely to face difficulties in governance.” Kyerere noted. He also advised them never to  appoint a district service commission member who is poor. When you appoint a poor one, he or she will work differently to the principal basics of the commission through corruption in order to get quick money.” RDC said.

Sheema district service commission has been comprised of only four members contrary  to the local government laws that the service commission committee should have 5 members. It is alleged that for almost three years Sheema’, its service commission committee quorum has not been full because some members who were proposed to fill the gap have been rejected by some district top leaders. The commission is now full with Sam Kahindi chairman, Abimanya Ruth secretay, Muswangari Kyeyune, Jane Mubangizi and Sande Ruth

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