Ronald Mayinja In Trouble Over Museveni Song Over Infringement, He Must Cough UGX375M Or Face Jail

Ronald Mayinja In Trouble Over Museveni Song Over Infringement, He Must Cough UGX375M Or Face Jail an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Entebe: The students of Entebbe based Nkumba University, under the journalism department comprised of the media lab has threatened to sue faded Kadongo Kamu musician Ronald Mayinga for using their footage in his campaign song dubbed ‘Akalulu Kako Mzee’, literary meaning ‘the vote is yours Mzei’,  the three-decade ruler eyeing to retain the seat for forty years, if he goes through the 2021 general elections.

The development has been revealed through an intention to sue notice issued by Media Lab’s lawyers (Walusimbi & Co Advocates), arguing that the song which was recently unveiled as President Museveni’s official campaign song features their footage from the recently commissioned Kitooro Market.

“You infringed on our client’s copyright on 30th October 2020 or thereabouts when you used out client’s images, footage and other artistic work depicting the recently commissioned Kitooro Market at Entebbe in the trending video of your campaign song titled “Mzee”, without our client’s consent,” letter reads in part.

Intention To Sue Letter

The lawyers further instructed Mayinja to pull down the video from YouTube and pay Media Lab UGX 375m compensation not forgetting to apologize for using people’s properties without acknowledgement.

“Our client hereby demands that you desist from further copyright infringement by immediately pulling down the video containing the infringements complained of,” the letter reads.

The lawyers further threatened to sue Mayinja if he doesn’t comply with their demands in just seven days.

“Should you fail to comply with this notice, our instructions are to sue you for everything you are worth, stand warned”. an accessible web community

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