RUBiS Energy Unveils UltraTec Advanced Fuel Technology

RUBiS Energy Unveils UltraTec Advanced Fuel Technology an accessible web community

By Felix Oketcho

In a bid to tackle engine and fuel advancements, RUBiS Energy has unveiled Rubis UltraTec first advanced fuel technology in the marketplace that is set to revolutionize fuel and engine performance for Ugandan motorists.

Brian Agaba RUBiS Energy Technical Manager said UltraTec is designed to improve vehicle engine cleanliness and performance with less while saving customers money.

Speaking at the launch, RUBiS Energy Uganda Managing Director Olivier Gatera said they will stick to the company’s mission to make customers’ journeys better.

“In addition to providing a reliable convenient network of fueling stations, a crucial part of this mission is to provide a high-quality fuel product that can not only improve the performance of our customers’ vehicles but save them money in doing so. Ultratec is now available in all RUBiS, Kobil and Delta stations countrywide,” he remarked.

He noted that in order to serve the diverse needs of RUBiS’ customers, Ultratec is available in two fuel types: Ultra Tec Petrol and UltraTec Diesel, each of which provides superior vehicle performance and fuel efficiency benefits of the Ultra Tec additive at no additional cost to the customer.

“Providing UltraTec to our customers within the RUBiS network is an important step in our commitment to meet all of the fueling and convenience needs of our customers.

“As we continue to bring Kobil and Delta stations under the RUBiS colours, meet one-stop-shopping needs with our RUBiS Express stores, and provide innovative digital and payment solutions via the RUBiS Card,” Gatera observed adding that, “We are proud to now offer our customers a high-quality, high-performance fuel product that will be beneficial to their vehicles and save them money.”

In her speech, Ms. Rebecca Nassiwa, the Marketing Manager, RUBiS Energy Uganda explained that There are various engine technologies in the market today and each of them present challenges and need optimum performance from Fuel.

“RUBiS UltraTec thoroughly cleans the engine of dirt build-up, leading to improved power and acceleration with less emissions. It also improves fuel economy.”

“UltraTec Diesel enhances maximum fuel combustion, prevents smoking and protects the vehicle against fuel system corrosion. UltraTec Diesel also has anti-foaming properties that ensure an actual full tank giving customers value for money,” she further elaborated.

Dorothy Kisaka, the Executive Director at Kampala City Center Authority (KCCA) who was the guest of honour congratulated RUBiS Energy Uganda for their milestones and appreciated the team for its contribution towards the development of Uganda.

She said, “In the next 5 years, the government is investing heavily in infrastructure, and we need business people whose infrastructure match what the government is investing in. On behalf of KCCA, I encourage you to explore investment opportunities with local entrepreneurs, to develop skills and expertise that are essential in developing in our City, because you have, through your investment, provided many opportunities for the Ugandans.” an accessible web community

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