Rwandan Army Releases Horizon Bus Manager

Rwandan Army Releases Horizon Bus Manager an accessible web community

By Hanning Mbabazi

Katuna: Rwandan security forces have released the Horizon Bus company driver who was arrested on Wednesday for crossing into Rwanda.

Emmanuel Sebuzuru, the Manager of Horizon Bus Company in Kisoro district, was arrested from Kyanika Boarder and detained by Rwanda security operatives on Wednesday evening with in the Rwanda territory. However, sources have revealed that he was on Friday night released through Gatuna border in Kabale district. Sebuzuru on return  said he stayed at Katuna border up to around 7:00am when he crossed to Katuna border on the Ugandan side after being cleared by immigration and jumped on a vehicle to Kabale town, from where he got a vehicle that took him to Kisoro town.

“After my arrest on Wednesday at Kyanika border, I was taken to Rwanda police headquarters and later to the Rwanda Criminal investigations department headquarters where I was interrogated over a wide range of things that I cannot disclose. While in detention, I was treated as a diplomat because nobody harmed me or took away any of my belongings,” Sebuzuru narrated. Sebuzuru added that he was driven to Kyanika boarder on Friday night at about 9:30pm under police escort but later driven back to Kigali city, where the police car was refueled before they transported him to Gatuna, where he was set free.

“We reached at Kyanika border on Friday at around 9:30pm but because there were very many people waiting for me on the Ugandan side, the Rwandan security officials opted to drive me back to Kigali city where the police vehicle I was being driven in was refueled, before they drove me and left me at Gatuna border at around 3:00am on Saturday, with instructions to the border security personnel to help me cross to Uganda without being harmed and disturbed by anybody,” Sebuzuru narrated. He added that the Rwandan investigators told him that they were given wrong information about him and it was the reason he was released. He thanked the Ugandan media and the state minister for regional cooperation Dr Philemon Mateke for amplified advocacy for his release. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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