Rwandan Police Jails Four Gals For Sharing Nudes On Instagram

Rwandan Police Jails Four Gals For Sharing Nudes On Instagram an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

President Paul Kagame’s government  has embarked on a crackdown on pornography in Rwanda and as you read this,  the Police have in detention four  girls who are accused of posting their nude photos on social media.

The four were arrested on Friday after the Rwandan  Police’s investigations bureau (RIB)  netted them for allegedly sharing their nudes on a an Instagram account of a man yet to be identified man, who is also being hunted by the police.


According to Rwandan law, the suspects (names withheld on request) , face  up to 2 years behind bars, and/or a fine if convicted of the offense.

WE have since established that during interrogations,   the girls admitted to having been drunk when they committed the offense.

However, one of suspects told  the police that she was unaware that such an act was

illegal in the country. “Besides, it wasn’t a sexual act in itself, it was just being naked. I felt

embarrassed the following day, and I apologize to the Rwandan people,”  the suspects said.

But  the Rwandan Investigation Bureau interim spokeswoman Dominique Bahorera said  the young women are believed to have been paid to strip naked by an unknown person, with the intent of selling the explicit content on internet, which is tantamount to trafficking pornography.

Following their arrest, the authorities in Rwanda have since warned that even other Rwandans including artists and actresses who tend to dress suggestively will face arrest and imprisonment once caught in the act of publicizing their nudity. an accessible web community

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