Rwimi Eco Hydro Power Plant Boosts Electricity Supply With 5 Mega Watts

Rwimi Eco Hydro Power Plant Boosts Electricity Supply With 5 Mega Watts an accessible web community

By Jay Tumwesige

Rwimi hydro power station is a mini-hydro power plant with capacity installation of 5.54 mega watts 7,430hp Eco power plant.

Electricity supply in Tooro sub-region has been boosted by 5.54 megawatts after the completion of Rwimi hydro power station located along river Rwimi, which creates a natural boundary between Bunyangabu and Kasese districts.

Rwimi hydro power plant currently was partly funded by the Beligian investment company (BIO)

Recently officials led by the deputy head of mission at the Beligain embassy Erwin De Wandel toured the project to assess its operations.

According to Wandel the unreliable electricity supply is considered one of the most critical factors for large, medium and small enterprises in Uganda. 

The clean energy produced by Rwimi SHPP is bought by the Uganda Electricity Transmision Campany.

Several other small electricity dams have already been surveyed and to bed constructed on River Nsongya in Bunyangabu district in a bid to boast more supply of electricity.

On Saturday a new power line was commissioned at Kaina trading center in Rwimi sub-county in Bunyangabu district by the Rural Electrification Agency (REA).

After completion the new line is expected to increase electricity supply to several trading centers to increase economic activities for income generation according to the minister of Defense and Veteran affairs also Bunyangabu County Member of Parlaiment Adolf Mwesige.

“We need to increase electricity supply to the rural communities and that has been my focus all health centers and educational institutions must get power, ” said Mwesige

Mwesige said that government through it’s development partners is to embark on the construction of min hydro power plants with an aim of increasing the supply of electricity in the district and on the national grid.

Mwesige said that through the Local Economic Growth Program the ministry of local government will install solar panels in major trading centers in the rural parts of Bunyangabu to light up the villages which have not yet been connected to the national grid.

” The project to be funded by the World Bank will involve the installation of solar power to some villages which previously lacked access to electricity,” Mwesige said.

“Through the program the district will receive over 15 billion shillings in the next financial year that will be used to extend water for domestic use and for irrigation and support many development programs,” Mwesige added. 

He said that many other areas have been surveyed by engineers from REA  and that during the survey  priority is given to areas with no single power line, health centers, schools, and agro based industries. 

“Bunyangabu is one of the leading districts producing bananas, maize and rice and our farmers need to add value to their produce so that they can get more money and that is the reason as to why we have put more effort in promoting agro based industries, “Mwesige said.

 Joel Mugisa a trader at Rubona town council said that several residents had benefited from the rural Electrification program which has increased  access to electricity thereby increasing infrastructural development which has also made electricity more viable.

 “We are excited with the government because the cost of running business has been lowered we no longer need to travel to Fort Portal to access electricity and with the construction of more dams in the district we hope that all parts of the district will soon be covered,” Mugisa said. an accessible web community

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