Sad: 12 Killed In Two Separete Truck Accidents

Sad: 12 Killed In Two Separete Truck Accidents

By Spy Uganda

Two separate terrible accidents have left 12 dead after two trucks overturned with over 90 passengers on board.

The first accident happened in Bukomansimbi District on Saturday afternoon after an overspeeding Fuso Truck registration number UAX 226U overturned and killed seven, leaving others badly wounded.

According to reports, this truck was carrying about 20 people from Nyendo, Masaka District. ”The driver was overspeeding before he lost control and crashed into a guard rail,” reports quote eyewitnesses.

TheSpy Uganda has learnt that the injured were taken to Villa Maria Hospital for treatment as police investigates the actual cause of the crash.

Another accident happened in Masindi District where another truck that was carrying about 70 casual workers overturned at Ikoba junction killing five on the spot.

Authorities said the lorry truck was transporting the casual workers from Kinywamurara Camp-heading to one of the Kinyara Limited sugarcane plantations to harvest sugarcane.

The Albertine Region Police Spokesperson, Julius Allan Hakiza confirmed the incident but said they were “still compiling the particulars of the deceased and those who sustained injuries in the accident along the Masindi-Hoima road.”

“The injured are currently admitted at Masindi District hospital while those in critical condition have been referred to Hoima Regional Referral Hospital,” he added.

Earlier this month Traffic police released statistics showing that 118 people were killed in road crashes between April 24 and May 4 this year. These 10-day road crash deaths translate into about 12 people losing their lives every day. The daily human slaughter on Uganda roads has ‘stabilised’ at 10 deaths per day.

Traffic Police Spokesperson Faridah Nampiima emphasizes: “We should talk about being disciplined on the road so that we can fight carnage. People should stop driving recklessly because it is a major cause of carnage on the road. People should reduce speeding because is a major cause of road crashes. In case someone is in the car and the driver is driving recklessly, you call us. It is everyone’s responsibility.” an accessible web community

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