Same Old Wine In New Bottle, Full Of Rhetoric With No Solutions-FDC Slams M7 State Of Nation Address!

Same Old Wine In New Bottle, Full Of Rhetoric With No Solutions-FDC Slams M7 State Of Nation Address! an accessible web community

By Ronaldo N Kalangi

The Forum for Democratic Change Party President Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat down played President Museveni’s last night’s state of the nation address and instead called for private investigations into the murders in the city.

POA said this on Monday during a Press Conference at the party Head Quarters at Najjanankumbi.

He laughed at Mr. Museveni who claimed that his family was well off and his children can never go on streets searching for jobs. Mr. Museveni boasted during his State of Nation Address. Eng. Patrick furiously stated that, its Mr. Museveni who failed Ugandans by stealing from all systems and parastatals subjecting Ugandans to abject poverty.

He also demanded for an immediate apology from Mr. Museveni over claims that Youths are being paid 100,000/= (One Hundred Thousand Shillings) to burn tires and show dissatisfaction in the country. This was during Mr. Museveni’s address to the Nation from Entebbe on 9th 9 2018. He said civil Society and Foreigners are funding Opposition Political Parties to cause instability. “We shall not take this non-sense any more, he either apologizes or with draws his misinformed statement,” Oboi said.

FDC President also said, Mr. Museveni has mismanaged the country to the extent of saying that Uganda is at take-off. “So, if Uganda is at take off after Mr. Museveni’s 33 years, so when shall we get to cruising level? Uganda must have been just on a run way. Cruising level is when a plane will be on Auto Pilot. This stage, indicates Progress and stability,” he said.

Eng. Patrick mourned both Afande Kirumira and Resty Nalinya who were brutally killed in cold blood on Saturday night. He called for all reports for all murder reports. Media needs to bring back these stories and remind Ugandans of the continuous atrocities. We must remember that Col. Abiriga, Afande Kaweesi, Justice Kagezi, and others are forgotten with no clear report from the state and security.

This is a clear indication of breakdown in security. Deaths like Dr. Kayiira Andrew Lutakome and Prof. Mudoola who were murdered just after Mr. Museveni take over in 1986 reports have never been released.

“We are going to introduce a Private Investigation to counter government failed investigation. Scottland Yard Government had offered to investigate the issues of Dr. Kayiira, though Mr. Museveni failed their efforts. FDC is going to borrow such expertise, together with internal experts, both retired and serving private investigators. We must reach to the conclusion of who is killing our Moslem Clerics, Women, private and government officials.

These so-called surveillance cameras can do nothing in a failed state, just like the reintroduction of “Crime Preventers”.

I call upon all Ugandans to join hands and we seek for the final send off of Mr. Museveni. He has messed up Uganda, and by look of things, he wants to collapse with the state. an accessible web community

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