Saudi Arabia Ambassador Hails Ugandan Government

Saudi Arabia Ambassador Hails Ugandan Government an accessible web community

By Michael Atwakiire

Mitooma: HE Bender Ali Fifi, the Saudi Arabia ambassador in Uganda, on Thursday June 20th, 2019, hailed the Ugandan government for being free from sectarianism.

Fifi made these remarks while in Mitooma district where he had gone to meet Muslims. Fifi’s visitation to Mitooma came after his friend Ambrose Byamugisha from the area invited him to have a talk with the locals especially the Muslims, and to bridge the gap between people in Mitooma and those of Saudi Arabia. Fifi said that the way Saudi Arabians think about Uganda isn’t the way it is.

Ali Fifi and Ambrose Byamugisha

“When you are in Saudi Arabia and you have never stepped in Uganda, you describe Uganda differently; one of the things I like about Uganda is that Ugandans are free from sectarianism. You live as brothers and sisters no matter which religion and I encourage you to keep the spirit. Because of that I will pledge to be with you, help each other whether Moslem or Christian.” Fifi said. Byamugisha, told the ambassador that Uganda’s bad image in Saudi Arabia was painted out by ancient leaders who no longer exist. “Our early leaders like Iddi Amin Dada a left negative legacy about Uganda especially about Muslims. Ugandans didn’t and don’t hate Muslims but in past regimes any negative act like murder was blamed Muslims. Amin reached an extent of expelling Asians from this country, but for the time I have spent interacting with Muslims, I found them to be good people who love to share with others irrespective of religion or tribe.”

Sheikh Abdul Karim Katsigazi thanked Fifi, saying that he has something special and different  from other Muslims. “Most of our fellow Muslims don’t like moving or driving long distances. When they come in Uganda, they just travel around the capital city but it’s great and miraculous to see that you have travelled more than 300Km and you are here with us. ” Sheikh Abdul Karim said. Fifi left Mitooma people very happy after donating to them gifts which included Qur’ans and bought for them cows which they slaughtered instantly to enjoy. He also promised to pay school fees  for needy children in the area irrespective of religion. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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