Scandal: SFC Captain Snatches UPDF Colonel’s  Wife, Bonks Her To Cabbage

Scandal: SFC Captain Snatches UPDF Colonel’s Wife, Bonks Her To Cabbage an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

It seems UPDF officers no longer have enemy battles to fight, so they have started fighting sex wars.

Spy Uganda has learnt that a senior Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) officer is seething with anger and considering all options on the table to see if he can stop his colleague from bonking his wife of five children, whose Oil Well he has drilled into Cabbage, scooping out all the Mchuzi!

Capt. Kashoma with some of his kids

The officer whose wife is being feasted on has been identified as Col. Keith Katungi, the commander of 309 Brigade, whose headquarters are based in Hima town council, Kasese district, south western Uganda.

The sex predator colleague has also been identified as Capt. Moses Kashoma, who is attached to the Special Forces Command (SFC), an elite unit that guards the President and other key installations in the country.

Captain Moses Kashoma

Sources also say, that with the fall of his close ally Gen. Kale Kayihura, Kashoma nowadays spends most of his time at Nakasero under close monitoring and if he is not there, he is at Lounge 69 in Ntinda having fun.

Kale had allegedly bought him a brand new Toyota Prado in UBB series for being a good comrade.

The most waterlogged woman who is at the centre of their acrimony, according to sources, has been identified as Noma Kakono, wife of Col. Katungi.

Col. Keith Katungi

Noma, according to sources used to work with the Protocol Unit of State House but her current job is not clear.

Capt. Kashoma has allegedly been bonking Col. Katungi’s wife-Noma under the nose of his wife of two children Kiconco Hanifa Karadi, a former Mbarara district Woman Member of Parliament aspirant.

Col. Katungi with wife


According to sources, Col. Katungi married Noma around 2006 after her bitter fallout with another senior army officer currently at the rank of Maj. General.

The couple went on to produce five children together (all girls), although there are doubts whether the 5th one who is about two months old is for Col. Katungi, according to sources.

Sources told us last night that Col. Katungi allegedly started hearing rumors that Capt. Kashoma, who used to frequently host his wife (Noma) at his Kulambiro home, had sexualized their relationship around 2016.

Sources say, Col. Katungi later on confided in Capt Kashoma’s wife (Kiconco) and informed her to warn her hubby to back off his wife if at all what he was hearing was true.

Capt. Kashoma’s wife also informed Col. Katungi that she was hearing the same rumours.

That even one time her kids informed her that their Aunt (Kashoma’s wife) who used to visit their home, was allegedly heard crying in the visitors’ room but being young, they interpreted it that way.

By then Kiconco had been away on a three months study course.

Sources say Capt. Kashoma, having realized that his kids had started understanding and on top of fearing his maid (whom he was also allegedly banging secretly after subjecting her to an innocent pregnancy injection) might spill the secrets, decided to rent a love pad in Najjera, Kira municipality Wakiso district.

As ‘partners in pain’ Col. Katungi teamed up with Capt. Kashoma’s wife and embarked on a mission to nab their cheating lovers.

As fate would have it, the two were a few months ago nabbed in their rented pad in Najjera.

Sources say, Capt. Kashoma’s wife Kiconco, whom he has never wedded apart from a traditional ceremony, has since chased him out of their home in Kulambiro.

On the other side, Col. Katungj , left with no option, has decided to take his three eldest girls to a boarding school (Hillside Naalya) and decided to let the sleeping dogs lie.

Sources say, Capt. Kashoma has a penchant for old loaded people’s wives. Even his old son who is about 18 years old was produced from someone’s wife. Apparently he also has another younger kid whom he produced from another man’s wife. The same goes for Noma.

Watch this space for more secrets about this sex scandal! an accessible web community an accessible web community

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