School Directors Blamed For Poor Academic Performance

School Directors Blamed For Poor Academic Performance an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: As Uganda National Examinations Board is getting set for candidates’ final exams, Thespy Uganda made a research on why most private schools in Sheema District poorly perfor compared to others outside.

One of the Senior teachers in Sheema, Orikiriza Bruce Magezi who heads the English department at Kabwohe Mother Care primary school in Sheema municipality blamed private school proprietors for being the root causes of poor academic performance in their schools.

In a one on one interview with TheSpy Uganda reporter, Orikiriza said that some directors cross managerial boundaries to teaching. Some directors reach the extent of ordering what a teacher should teach which he said is unprofessional.

“Some directors reach the extent of choosing which topics should be taught, a professional teacher knows what exactly can be taught to make a student or pupil pass exams but some directors mess up everything and mislead teachers. There are some private schools in Sheema where teachers are ordered never to allow candidates to take notes, they instead teach cram work which is totally dangerous.

Orikiriza with his students

Orikiriza added that due to teachers’ poor payments and inadequate facilitation, most teachers are lazy to teach well. This results to poor performance.
“Some teachers survive on poor payment conditions, this makes them work reluctantly, thus dodging lessons, and at the end, poor results harvested. What these directors should know is that poor performance leads to low turn up of students hence a decrease in the school’s income,” Orikiriza said.

He advised directors play their responsibilities and urged them to respect teachers. He further requested them to trust their employees than putting excessive pressure on them.

“I believe that most schools first interview before employing their teachers, I request directors to trust their employees and advise them where they go wrong but not broadly showing them that they not trusted at all, when an employee reveals that his or her boss doesn’t trust him, he automatically starts panicking which may lead him into many errors “Bruce

He also blamed irresponsible parents who don’t look after their children both at school and home academically and economically. an accessible web community

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