Secrets Why Komuntale Snubbed King Oyo’s Empango; Sexy Princess Is Preggars

Secrets Why Komuntale Snubbed King Oyo’s Empango; Sexy Princess Is Preggars an accessible web community an accessible web community

 By Andrew Irumba

Tooro Kingdom king Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru last week celebrated his 24th coronation ceremony popularly known as Empango.

Komuntale’s bulging tummy

However, the beloved Princess of Tooro Ruth Nsemere  Komuntale, elder sister to King Oyo was nowhere to be seen during the Empango celebrations.

Loyal Batooro subjects at the ceremony looked around for Komuntale in vain and many kept asking themselves why their beloved Princess had not turned up for her brother’s Empango.

Omukama Oyo with Best Kemigisa at Empango

But our Spy has unearthed amazing secrets as to why Komuntale didn’t show up at the ceremony, but instead opted to remain in America partying with her new lover identified as Phil Amooti.

Amooti with Komuntale

The Spy exclusively reveals that the sexy Princess is reportedly carrying a germinating Seed! Yes,she is pregars….!!!

It is said that she has been serving Amooti her goodies live for several months, ever since they hooked up last year, and now the signs of their nocturnal games are manifesting in her bulging belly.

Our Spy reveals that because of bulging tummy, morning sicknesses and mood swings, the Princess could not attend the Empango.

Besides that, her situation doesn’t warrant traveling for long distances, or exposure to extra violet rays characterized with scanners and security devices at airports, since they can affect her germinating seed.

So because of all the above health reasons, and to avoid many questions about her bulging belly, Komuntale decided to remain in the USA with Amooti, thereby skipping the Empango, something that didn’t auger well with several loyal Batooro subjects.

Komuntale and Amooti hooked up early last year and a few months back they got officially engaged after she introduced him to Omukama Oyo and Queen mother Best Kemgisa.

They held a low-key engagement ceremony during which the Tooro Royal  family officially handed Komuntale over to Amooti, to enjoy her without fear or favour.
The couple had initially planned to fly back to Uganda for their official introduction ceremony but they canceled the plans, perhaps because of the too much controversy that would entail such a ceremony.

It should be noted that Amooti is Komuntale’s second official lover, after her marriage with Thomas Christopher, also a black American, collapsed a few years back. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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