Sex War: Jeff Kiwa’s Lover Mutoni Cited In Sheebah, TNS Split

Sex War: Jeff Kiwa’s Lover Mutoni Cited In Sheebah, TNS Split an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

New secrets emerging from our Spies within the incredible, winning team music label-Team No Sleep (TNS) for the very first time have revealed reasons why celebrated singer Sheebah Karungi aka Queen Sheebah parted ways with Jeff Kiwanuka aka Kiwa’s Team No Sleep. It was not necessarily because of money issues, as it was alleged.

Jeff Kiwa and lover Etania Mutoni

According to our Spies, the main reason why beautiful Queen Sheebah and her former boss’ working relationship developed cracks was because of the constant clashes between her and Jeff Kiwa’s gorgeous sweet heart identified as Etania Mutoni.

Sheebah Karungi looking Irresistibly sexy

It is alleged that Mutoni, who does her hustle in Thailand and Dubai, has never come to terms with the idea of Sheebah hanging around town with her boyfriend (Jeff) especially when she (Mutoni) is abroad,because, obviously you don’t tether a she got near a horny he goat!

Spies reveal that matters worsened when Mutoni learnt that Jeff and Sheebah were in the habit of often going on merrymaking sprees to Dubai and other countries, moreover without her knowledge.

But what broke Mutoni’s heart most, according to the Spies, was learning that Jeff Kiwa had built  Sheebah a house,  yet she (Mutoni) had reportedly been sending Jeff her hard-earned Kyeyo money and he had convinced her that he was constructing a house for themselves to live in as couple, only to realize later that actually, the crib was for sensational Queen Sheebah! “What if it was you,how would you feel? Let’s get real,I was so heart broken” a source quoted Mutoni as having said.

Beautiful and loaded Etania Mutoni Takes a Breath in Dubai Recently

Mutoni is said to have become so furious with Jeff and Sheebah and started demanding for the house Jeff had told her he was constructing for themselves.

In revenge, Mutoni is also said to have hooked herself a secret lover in Dubai and when Jeff learnt this, he was very devastated and furious as well.

On realizing that matters had worsened and that her life was at risk, it is said Sheebah decided to distance herself from Jeff and his TNS, last year, such that she could start up her own venture called Sheebah Establishments Limited, under which she would promote her music and undertake other personal projects.

But it should be noted that even then, Jeff and or rather Mutoni insist that Sheebah is still property of TNS, just like the house she claims to own in Munyonyo is.

Jeff Kiwa and Sheebah ‘Eating’ Life In Dubai Before They Split Recently

Actually, Sheebah still features the TNS label in all her music videos, the latest one being ‘Nakyuuka’, as an indication that it is also property of Jeff Kiwa and Co.

However, by the time of filing this story neither Sheebah nor Jeff Kiwa could be got for a comment about this matter because they couldn’t be reached on their known mobile phone numbers. an accessible web community

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