Sex War:  John Blaq In Bitter Split With Management  After Being Nabbed Pants Down With Brother’s Wife

Sex War: John Blaq In Bitter Split With Management After Being Nabbed Pants Down With Brother’s Wife an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

All is not well between singer John Kasaada aka John Blaq and his manager over nothing else but water logged ‘sumbi’. Our Spy reveals that the current bitter split between the ‘Bwa bwa boy’ and his Management at Black Magic records, is reportedly caused by sexual mistrust between the two brothers.

According to our Spies, the wrangles  between John Blaq and his Management surfaced a few days ago after he (Blaq) was allegedly nabbed banging his manager’s wife, yet the manager also happens to be his own brother.    

Singer John Blaq with his managers before the split

It is alleged that Blaq’s brother has always suspected him of encroaching on his wife’s Wetland, until he reportedly nabbed them chewing themselves so intimately, and during the confrontation that ensued, the two brothers allegedly exchanged blows over the babe’s Bearded Meat.

Following the bitter sex war between the two brothers, we have learnt that  John Blaq has since cut ties  with Black Magic and denied its proprietors who include Kenneth Kalobe and Norman Kitti access to his media accounts, according to a letter dated May 22, 2020, which he wrote to them.

However, although he purports to have blocked Black Records management from accessing his social media accounts, other sources reveal that it is actually John Blaq’s brother that blocked him from accessing all his social media accounts since he was directly in control of them.

This means that he no longer has access to all his clients, fans, which will consequently  lead to the loss of all his bookings, both those that were in the pipeline and the future ones.

Spies reveal that following the fallout, his manager has since initiated new artiste to replace him, frozen all his Social Media accounts, YouTube channel and unofficially terminated working terms. Watch  this Space for Details an accessible web community

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