Sex War: Mama Fina Snatches Vision Group Journalist’s Hubby

Sex War: Mama Fina Snatches Vision Group Journalist’s Hubby

By Spy Uganda

Popular traditional healer Sofia Namutebi aka Mama Fina is involved in bitter sex war with a female scribe identified as  Yudaya Namisango, working with Vision Group, over her boy freind identified as Swaleh Kimera.

Our Spies reveal that Namisango accuses  Mama Fina of having snatched Kimera, who is based in Sweden and that she has ‘charmed’ him so much that he no longer thinks about the journalist. 

Sofia Namutebi with other herbalists

According to her pals and workmates,Namisango claims that Kimera has even forgotten their kids after being enchanted by Mama Fina Thighland and charms.

It is said that a few months ago Mama Fina was in Sweden and was sharing accommodation with Kimera and Spies intimate that two months prior to that they were in Dubai for shopping, in preparations for legalizing their affair.

Meanwhile,  Spies also reveal that Kimera has since converted from Islam to Christianity and adopted the name Fred Kimera, such that he can be able to walk Mama Fina down the isle.

Mama Fina the Hajjat

However, pals reveal that Namisango has vowed not to allow this, asserting that she got married to  Kimera under the Islamic Nika marriage ceremony and thus he can’t change religion when they are still married.

Yudaya Namisango who accuses Mam Fina. Of snatching her hubby

But we’re told Mama Fina is chest-thumping, with intonations that nothing will deter her from getting Kimera all for herself.

She even recorded an audio and shared it on social media groups assuring people that the man is hers, no matter what.

Actually in the audio Mama Fina claims she will be in Sweden for final preparations and arrangements for their upcoming functions and that she met him during her errands for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) in the Diaspora.

She claims her wedding or introduction with Kimera will not have fundraising drives because both of them have money.

Actually she alleges that Namisango was dumped and Kimera took the kids to Sweden after processing for them papers and he left their mother in Uganda intentionally.

She said that “I have been hearing words from that woman Yudaya. But I want to assure you that Kimera is my best friend and I’ve known him since 1997. Charles Kaiser Kimera, was his dad. 

He started dating me when I was stilling selling Matooke (Myeela) in Kampala. Yudaya stole my man in 2000. But I had met him before her. Later he went abroad. I didn’t see him again until we met  again in Sweden, where he gave me  house to stay.

During the time I was campaigning for the President in the Diaspora and Kimera took care of me. He is a wealthy man and a Swede-Uganda.

I think Yudaya was just used by the man to produce children. If she loves him and he loves her like she says, how come he has never taken her to Sweden to live with him. By the way being the mother of a man’s children doesn’t necessarily make you his wife.

Actually, I am ready to take care of her children and their father. We were recently non Dubai shopping for the wedding. We both have money so there won’t be any wedding meetings and we plan to wed early next year.”

However, it should be noted that Mama Fina, who is widow of late Maj. Mohammed Kiggundu, is currently married to Hajji Ismail Segujja, who is based in the United Kingdom.

In September 2017, Namutebi was married to Ssegujja, a businessman.  The wedding took place at Kololo Mosque and was at tended by several  important people in the country.

It should be noted that she first got married to Ali Kyonjo, who was her husband in 2014, although she dumped him for Hajji Ismail Sekidde, whom she also dumped after hooking late Maj. Kiggundu. an accessible web community

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