Sex War Rips URA Apart As Top Commissioner  Drags Fellow Staff To Police

Sex War Rips URA Apart As Top Commissioner Drags Fellow Staff To Police

By Spy Reporter

A massive sex war is threatening operations at Uganda Revenue Authority(URA) headquarters in Nakawa, after the Commissioner Domestic Taxes Henry Saka dragged his fellow staff to police, accusing them of defaming him.

The crime Saka accuses his fellow staff members of is that they allege he uses junior staff for personal satisfaction and later dumps them, no matter whether they are married or single. So instead of concentrating on their work, URA staff are reportedly crisscrossing between Nakawa and Kireka to record statements about the Saka saga.

We have learnt that Saka filed a General Enquiry file number GEF 196/19 at Police’s Special Investigations Division (SID) in Kireka and detectives are already grilling URA staff one by one.

Our Spy at Kireka reveals that some staff from the URA Tower in Nakawa have already recorded statements at the SID, where they face charges of Offensive Communication Contrary to Section 24 of the Computer Misuse Act 2011, while others face various charges including impersonation.

Steven Paul and Diana Musoke Balaba during their happy times

The scandal broke after Saka was accused by a city engineer identified as Steven Paul Balaba, of allegedly turning his wife Diana Mukasa Balaba into his Plaything, to the extent that she had neglected her chores at home.

Balaba reportedly wrote to the URA Commissioner General Dorris Akol and the entity’s human resources manager, complaining about how Saka had decided to babylonize his wife Diana, and was even taking her on merrymaking trips abroad to countries like Malaysia and Kenya.

Steven Paul Balaba and Diana Musoke Balaba on their wedding day

In a turn if events however, Balaba later turned around, after suspectedly making truce with Saka and swallowed his own words, by stating that he and Diana actually have no problems in their marriage at all! That’s after he had already leaked the first dozier complaining about Saka.

A leaked WhatsApp message of URA staff discussing the Saka Saga with Diana and her hubby

Meanwhile, we have separately learnt that although Balaba goes around claiming that there is no problem between him and his wife, she has since fled their marital home following the exposure of the scandal.

He has since written an email to URA boss Dorris Akol stating that there is absolutely no marital squabbles between him and his wife and that he has no reason whatsoever to doubt her faithfulness to him.

Part of Steven Balaba’s email to URA CG Dorris Akol
Balaba’s email about the URA saga
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