Sex War: Ykee Benda, Apass In Bitter Beef Over Martha Kay’s Kitone

Sex War: Ykee Benda, Apass In Bitter Beef Over Martha Kay’s Kitone

By Spy Uganda

There is a bitter sex war raging on between celebrated singers Wycliffe Tugume alias Ykee Benda and Alex Bagonza aka Apass over socialite Martha Kagimba aka Martha Kay’s Kitone.

Spies reveal that Ykee Benda has for some time been entertaining romantic feelings for Martha Kay but pals say he hasn’t been lucky yet.

However, it is said that he nearly collapsed a few days back after learning that Apass has all along been vibing Martha Kay and is at verge of securing her much-coveted Kitone Pin-code.

Ykee Benda and Martha Kay during their heyday

The development did not amuse Ykee, who has since allegedly sent emissaries to Apass, warning him to stay away from Martha Kay, if he still wants his jaws intact.

Apass posted Martha Kay’s snaps on his Instagram account and called her his ‘Angel’

Spies that the sex wrangle that has since turned former friends enemies, started when Apass went to his Instagram account and recorded a live video, in which he started by inviting Martha Kay, but in the end he poured out his heart for her and was able to convince her.

Sure that his love was real, Apass later on took it to his Twitter account and followed Martha Kay, something he had never done before since his account only followed one person, now Martha Kay is the second one on the list.

Later on, when Martha Kay posted new pictures, Apass downloaded one of them and re-uploaded it on his account and in the post, he referred to Martha Kay as his Angel.

“You’re my angel @marthakayug”- he captioned.

However, the move didn’t amuse Ykee Benda, who promptly took to his twitter handle and tweeted thus;

“Nze eno ensi tenemazamu”, which can be loosely translated  to mean that ” This world means nothing.”

Angelic Martha Kay who has sparked war between Apass and Ykee Benda

It should be noted that Ykee Benda has for a long time been rumoured to benching Martha Kay for Kitone  although he has never gotten chance to even chew ‘Jaribu’, which is pissing him off even more, seeing that Apass is likely to enjoy her soupy Jackpot before him! As a result, the two singers are no longer on talking terms and can’t see eye to eye; thanks to Martha Kay’s delicious Bean.

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