Sex War:Zahara Toto Clashes With Hubby Don Solo For Bonking ‘Sluts’ In Her House

Sex War:Zahara Toto Clashes With Hubby Don Solo For Bonking ‘Sluts’ In Her House an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Zahara Toto, a famous TV presenter, as we file this article, she is busy nursing heart wounds over her broken relationship with Suleiman alias Don Solomon accusing him for cheating on her with all sorts of “sluts”.

Zahara ran mad yesterday on her snapchat account and revealed that the Ex lover now Solomon has been sleeping with all sorts of girls picking them from Instagram and takes them for bonking lessons in the house he shares with Toto.

The Slut Who Has Allegedly Been Chopping Solomon’s Goodies In Zahara’s Absence

Zahara posted, “The slut that has been sleeping with my boyfriend,” she captioned a photo of the girl she claims to have ruined her relationship with Don Solomon.

She added that she was working so hard for Solomon to make ends meet as her hubby when her ex now, was busy bonking instagram slayers. She added that she tried to talk to him so that they can settle there issues but nothing changed.

Zahara Spitting Fire

“I tried to talk to him so we can resolve things where it had gone wrong as I didn’t want the relationship to end! But he used to take advantage to continue with his ashawo behavior of sleeping with more sluts,” she posted.

However, Mr.bonker asserted that let Zahara eat soil or grass, he is not willing to love her again.

He posted, “Lol u can post anything u want about my gal the truth is I can not be with u anymore I have my own reasons to why I left you zahara.. u don’t have no respect for anybody. Post all the lies u want about someone u don’t even know.”

Solomon’s Message

This however, seemed to be a heartbreaking message to Zahara Toto who had hope that may be things would get sorted, she now turned the guns away from the ‘slut’ slay queen, to the money she demanded the hubby.

Our spy later landed on a whatsapp chart, where Zahara was mercilessly busy squeezing the hubby to pay back her money.

Here is the chart;

Zahara, ‘Stop trying to stress me, Have to work …Am coming back to pack my things and go to my house, Hope I find my money plz, Am done”

She added, “I don’t want stories of u don’t have my money now….i didnt tell u to use it in the first place”

The broke Solomon responded, “U will get it on Tuesday”. However this stirred Zahara’s anger and she rudely responded, “No I want it tonight,  It’s my money you’re using to facilitate your ashawo lifestyle and take sluts out…..You’re really cheap Solomon….and have made up my mind Let me find my money on the table.”

The Duo’s Chart.

She angrily added, “The guy is disrespectful, non developmental, adds no value to no one etc. He is threatening me right now for exposing his bleached jik pussy selling bitch who has worked So had to see that me and the anus separate.I can no longer take it in any more!l can’t stand him any more! He DISGUSTS ME” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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