Shame As Ambassador Kagimu Kiwanuka Sales Father’s Remains For Aliving!

Shame As Ambassador Kagimu Kiwanuka Sales Father’s Remains For Aliving! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba and Peter Ssebulime

From grace to grass- Peter Maurice Kagimu Kiwanuka the former minister and Ambassador in Museveni’s government may soon or later become homeless.

Ms.Regina Kiwanuka, while speaking on behalf of former prime minister Ben Kiwanuka’s family on Tuesday,revealed to the public how her young brother Maurice Pater Kagimu Kiwanuka had a financial crisis which led to the demolition of their family home in Nalukolongo.

It is not clear how Kagimu Kiwanuka, who is a former member of Parliament cum ex minister for economic monitoring and former Ambassador in different countries, some of which were European countries went into such a financial crisis leading to the selling of both his own house and that of his father like a prodigal son.

In 2015 Mr Maurice Peter Kagimu resigned from being Ugandan Ambassador to Nigeria, where he had been working for five years to contest for the Bukomansimbi MP seat. He stood on NRM ticket despite his father being the founder member of DP. Nevertheless, he miserably lost the bid! Not only did he lose the election,but he was left completely broke like a church mouse and heavily indebted.

After the 2016 elections, Kagimu expected his ‘God’ father President Museveni to re-appoint him and post him as ambassador again which also never happened. With no job and without any private business to fall back to, Kagimu developed ambitions of starting a micro finance business, he probably wanted a clean business which suited the Ambassadorial stature he had held. This too didn’t materialize, because,  to start a micro finance you need real big capital investment which he didn’t have.

Like most politicians do when they financially fall flat, Kagimu begun looking for president Museveni to jump start his micro finance ambitions, but the middle men whom he had to go through before reaching the big man squeezed even the last penny from his struggling account,sources whispered to Spy Uganda. With all avenues exploited, Kagimu never met his purported savior Museveni and remained dangling on Kampala streets like any other hustlers.

This is when he got in touch with one Kampala businessman and sold him some of his property to raise capital. Much as he said he gave these properties as collateral to the money lender to secure a loan, the agreement clearly states that he sold Plot.66 on Block 17 measuring 2.3acres at Nalukongo where his father’s (Ben Kiwanuka)house was.(normally that’s how money lenders write their agreements).

While the entire family is in shock over the razing away of their great ancestor’s home, Kagimu isn’t bothered anymore, problems have piled up on his head in that he is now as hard as a stone because he also sold his own home where he houses his family (though the new owner is yet to evict him) and blew away all the sh2 billion without setting off with the micro finance business he sold them for.

Unless Mr Museveni comes to his rescue and re-appoint him, the son of the historical statesman will continue grassing on Kampala streets. Some body tell Bryan White to redeem Ben Kiwanuka’s legacy by adopting his son Kagimu so he can live a decent life, atleast just as an ordinary Muganda looking for ‘kawogo’.

Meanwhile, Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who also doubles as the family’s attorney handed over late Ben’s wreckage car to Ssemagulu Royal Museum owned by Mr. John Ssempebwa who doubles as deputy Executive Director Uganda tourism board for safe custody. While handing it over to the museum Mr.Lukwago said the car was so rich in significance and historical importance to be left at the mercy of scrap traders.

John Ssempebwa said the monumental car Reg. No UVD 325 would contribute greatly to the country’s heritage.

“I offered in my private capacity to keep this asset. The resources from visitors will be used to beautify and maintain it and any time the family wants it, we shall give it back without any restrictions,” he said

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