Shame! Mafias Using Media To Twist My Report On Naguru-Nakawa Land Saga To Collide Me With Appointing Authority-ULC Boss Beatrice Byenkya

Shame! Mafias Using Media To Twist My Report On Naguru-Nakawa Land Saga To Collide Me With Appointing Authority-ULC Boss Beatrice Byenkya an accessible web community

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Kampala: For starters, On Tuesday, Uganda Land Commission Chairperson Hon Beatrice Byenkya Nyakaisiki interfaced with the Parliamentary Adhoc committee to give status on the on-going saga concerning Naguru-Nakawa land, in which she revealed that an American company, Internal Medicine of Virginia PC, which later changed to Internal Medicine of Virginia (Uganda), which president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had recommended to be given 15hectares of land to build a hospital that would benefit Ugandans, was non-existant.

Nyakaisiki told the committee that when she asked to interface with them like any other allocatees, they used COVID-19 travel restrictions as escape goats and claimed they were not able to meet her because they were in US at the time. Through their proxy Networks, they managed to reach to H.E the president and asked him to write another letter to ULC chairperson Byenkya directing her to now allocate the aforementioned land to a new local company, Internal medicine of Virginia (Uganda) Ltd from Internal medicine of Virginia PC, to which the president did.

However, when the letter reached on Byenkya desk, still she demanded to interface with them for purposes of clarity and confirmation,like any other serous manager or administrator.

However, instead of coming for the physical interface, they kept on dodging the meetings. Infact, during those intervals, their only argument via phone by a one Farouk, was always that: “BUT THIS IS A PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE!”, to which no-nonsense Byenkya insisted she needed meet them physically before effecting the directive. They kept playing elusive up to today.

Meanwhile,in all this, no where did Byenkya, atleast by what is on record, did she try to involve the name of the appointing authority as being part of the highaga. If anything, she helped him by doing due deligence on the mafias who probably wanted to hide behind this company and fleece the president. So by insisting that she needed to see them physically, ofcourse their deal was nipped in the bud.

“Internal Medicine of Virginia PC had a Presidential directive of land allocation of 15 acres in Naguru. They were requested to interface with the Commission as the other allocatees have always done, but failed to appear. (By the way,this is a common practice, how can any serious leader give land to some one they don’t know? How will I account for that before the president if he asks me proof of the individuals?),” Byenkya told our reporter on Wednesday.

She added thus; ” So as we were still waiting for them, the Commission got another directive from H.E that we should now allocate 15 acres to Internal Medicine of Virginia (Uganda) instead of PC. This Communication was made through one of their alleged directors, a one Farouk who did not show up still. However, the 15acres were surveyed and reserved for Internal Medicine of Virginia Uganda and now we waited to interface with them physically which never happened. When we checked with URSB, the company they claimed to have opened wasn’t found. So that’s what I informed parliament yesterday. There’s nothing I said about my appointing authority like my detractors are alleging through their paid up bloggers just to create friction between me and my boss.  And by way, there’s a record of whatever I said which is with my counsel that I was with before the adhoc committee”

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For avoidance of doubt, we’ve attached a clip below courtesy of NTV UG to hear for your self what Hon.Byenkya said.

Watch Byenkya Before The Commitee👆Courtesy Of NTV Uganda

Nyakaisiki Reveals Mafia Politicians Behind The Deadly Deal!

Nyakaisiki, first asked the committee chairman to ask media to leave the room so she could reveal the names of the mafia politicians behind the so called Internal Medicine of Virginia PC and (Uganda), which she did to the shock of most committee members.

It’s therefore no surprise that the same shameless greedy mafioso are have since gone on rampage of sponsoring bloggers to twist her statements to ensure they collide her with her boss, for their selfish satisfaction, like they’ve been plotting for long.

Mafias Use Bloggers To Engineer Friction Between Byenkya & Her Boss Museveni

After Tuesday’s appearance before the committee, a section of bloggers via their blogs doctored Byenkya’s statements before the committee and started circulating falsehoods with an intention of causing trouble to a loyal cadre. In one their sponsored headlines, they claim thus; “Byenkya pins Gen Museveni” but then, unfortunately, at the bottom,they end with statements that praise a certain personality for obvious reasons.

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Not First Time Mafias Fighting Workaholic Byenkya

All the above come at a time when Byenkya is in battle with Inspector General of Government (IGG) Betty Kamya who has since been exposed for allegedly using her office to fight personal wars.

Byenkya’s trouble started way back when she blocked the UGX12b supplementary budget the then line minister Kamya had asked parliament to approve behind Byenkya’s back.

Kamya claimed the money was meant to compensate landowners in Lusanja and Ndeeba Church landowner Mr. Dodovico. However, by law, it’s Chairperson ULC  mandated to generate such a list of claimants and then present it to her boss, the line minister or even present it together to parliament since she knows these claimants more than the minister.

Byenkya later found out that actually Kamya wasn’t working alone in the multibillion deal but rather with ULC senior commissioners in her own office and when she blocked the payment, hell broke loose in her own commission, and ever since then she has not had peace with Kamya who is now allegedly using her IGG office to witch haunt her.

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At the event of commissioning road projects in the oil-rich Bunyoro Sub-region earlier last year in Hoima, President Museveni was briefed about a section of these ruthless mafias badly fighting Byenkya who is praised by a couple of Ugandans as a committed civil servant who is allergic to corruption.

The revelation of how these mafias are using their offices to fight Byenkya was unearthed by no-nonsense Rt Hon Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja who told President face to face thus; ‘‘Your Excellency, here in Bunyoro they know Beatrice Byenkya as a committed civil servant, she has nothing to do with corruption, they say she is not a thief,” she added. ”There are some people taking us backwards…busy fighting her. Remember i had already informed you about these via a petition i wrote to you sir, therefore it’s my humble request that you intervene, thanks,” Nabbanja told the president.

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Meanwhile, amidst all, Byenkya sounds unshakable and recently revealed that actually 18% of the public land had been taken by “untouchables” something she has been fighting and that’s why mafias are fighting her from all angles.

“Everybody in Uganda knows that anything connected to land is a sensitive matter, it is a matter that concerns everybody so that is why we have been in the press for the wrong reasons. You find people with god-parents but for me, I don’t have a god-parent. I was just appointed by the grace of God,” she said. Watch the space…. an accessible web community

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