Shameless: Bad Black Faces Arrest Over Leaked Sex Video

Shameless: Bad Black Faces Arrest Over Leaked Sex Video an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Shameless Socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black alias Masolo Queen, is in trouble and could find herself behind bars after she leaked a very nasty sex video of her being banged by a yet to be identified city lad.

Our Spies can reveal that in the video which has since gone viral on Snap Chat and other social media platforms, Bad Black is seen pulling kinky move, whining and writhing as she wiggles her bubbling booty as the ‘merciless’ dude bangs her Pump-pum with his 7 inch live wire like there’s no tomorrow.

“But this Masolo Queen also, all the dudes she is linked to romp her live, is she really safe?” One of the reporters who was reviewing the clip to extract story was heard saying before a bottle envaded his trousers too.

It should however be noted that Bad Black’s act of leaking the said video, (if she is the one who leaked it), tantamount to breach of the Anti-pornography Act and if found culpable, she faces arrest, with stringent penalties.

In Another World: Bad Black doing the unthinkable

Bad Black was a few weeks ago hired by the Ministry of Health to sensitize Ugandan sex workers at the border points against ‘interacting’ with truck drivers as a way of preventing the spread of COVID-19, a role she hasn’t fully executed, perhaps because of her endless bonking sprees.

Last year, Bad Black narrowly survived being caged after she and Senga Justine Nantume were summoned by the Ant-Pornography Committee led by Dr Annet Kezabu, where they were cautioned to desist from sharing pornography on social media because it corrupts the minds of right-thinking members of the public.

 Dr. Kezaabu issued the warning to Bad Black after she was accused of recording obscene videos of herself in which she uttered the most vulgar words, before sharing the same on social media.

Bad Black aka Masolo Queen with her dude

In one of her dirty videos she exposed several men who have bonked her over the years and their sexual prowess, while in another she was seen and heard giving Ugandan girls advice on how to sell their Yoyos expensively so as to live a high-end lifestyle like hers.

The pornography committee also warned music star Winnie Nwagi when she dressed and danced seductively at all boys boarding school along Entebe road. an accessible web community

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