Shameless Councilor Dragged To Police Over Shs2.1M Fraud

Shameless Councilor Dragged To Police Over Shs2.1M Fraud an accessible web community

By Michael Atwakiire

Sheema: Hon Ham Mwesigwa Kanyongororwa, the Councilor LC V Kashozi Division, in Sheema Municipality, has been summoned to police to answer a case of fraud, which was filed by Dr Kenneth Ndyanabo, 38, a resident of Kihunda Ward, in Kagango Division, Sheema Municipality.

Ndyanabo claims that he gave Mwesigwa Shs2.1M in July 2018 after he contracted him to join two doors, 6 windows and 2 ventilators which he didn’t do, despite having pocketed the money.

The receipts showing that Ham Mwesigwa received money from Kenneth Ndyanabo

Ndyanabo said that in June 2018, he approached Mwesigwa at his welding workshop called Kaguma Metal Works in Kabwohe, where he (Mwesigwa) agreed to be paid Shs2.2M to do Ndyanabo’s work,

Ndyanabo said that; “At first I paid him Shs400,000 and later added him Shs450,000. A few days later he called, saying that if I didn’t pay the remaining balance, he would sell my items to other people. I went with him to the bank, withdrew the money and gave it to him, remaining with an unpaid balance of Shs100,0000.”

He added that; “But later when I went there to pick my items, he started giving me stories and confusing me until I decided to contract another person for the same job.

At first he said that he was to refund my money but during the COVID-19 lockdown the man turned around and started feeding me on stories, which prompted me to report a case at Sheema Central police station vide file number REF SD 28/05/2020 M/F/P.”

When our reporter talked to him about  the matter however, Mwesigwa  said that he did his job and that Ndyanabo took all his doors and windows although he didn’t give him two vents as agreed because he was still demanding him Shs250,000.

He asserted that it is him (Mwesigwa) who is demanding money from Ndyanabo but was surprised when police called him to go and record a statement.

“Go and tell Kabigumira (Chairman LC V Sheema district) that these politics he is playing will never help him at all!”  Mwesigwa  told our reporter.

However, when asked about the matter, the Sheema District Police Commander (DPC)  SP Scovia Birungi said that she didn’t  know about the case  but promised to get back to us after being briefed. an accessible web community

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