Shameless: Policemen  Snapped Siphoning COVID-19 Fuel From Patrol Truck

Shameless: Policemen Snapped Siphoning COVID-19 Fuel From Patrol Truck an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

There is still a lot of Kawukuumi (Weevils), like President Yoweri Museveni refers to them, in the Uganda Police Force.

This comes after our Spies landed on pictures of  yet to be identified Policemen in Kampala, who were siphoning fuel from a police patrol truck.

In one of the pictures seen by our Spies, a man is seen squatting besides a police patrol truck, with a Jerry can and a tube, siphoning fuel from the truck’s tank.

Besides the man siphoning the fuel stands a policeman watching guard, as if he is part of the plot to steal the fuel that is provided to police by government.

Several other policemen are seen sleeping on the patrol truck while other men stand nearby, watching the shameless looting.

However, this is not the first time cases of fuel theft are being observed in the Uganda police. Several people have been arrested over the same vice in the recent past, but it seems the habit is not about to end.

For instance, a police officer and 14 other people were arrested for allegedly stealing fuel in Kagadi district in 2018.

The suspects were found siphoning fuel from trucks belonging to Shengeli Engineering Company. The company was contracted to tarmac the Kabwaya-Kagadi-Kyenjojo road.

Romeo Ojara Onek, the DPC Kagadi, said that Mardrine Rungyenzapola, the OC Rutete police post and the suspects who are workers of the company were stealing fuel from the trucks that were parked in Kitegwa Village.

Last year, the Police Advisory Committee that comprises all the Force’s directors instituted an investigating into circumstances how the the Force lost fuel worth Shs24 billion through dubious ways.It should be noted that the Police owns a fleet of automobiles as over shs24bn remains unaccounted for, the police budget is designated as Classified.

 Sources close to the investigation have told this website that several police officers across the country often accessed police fuel cards and sold the Force’s fuel to various individuals.

 It is alleged that some officers also sold fuel cards to private individuals who kept drawing fuel, while others ‘bribed’ media house owners, lovers, relatives and bonkmates  for favours.

Actually, Police was forced to begin investigating the anomaly after fuel companies contracted to supply the UPF stopped providing fuel since the money released in the last quarter of 2017/2018 financial year was not enough to clear the Force’s outstanding debts.

When the anomaly was discovered, sources said, the police fleet management team was forced to deactivate all fuel cards until the anomaly was presumably resolved, before the suppliers resumed supplying police with fuel, not knowing that the thieving tactics had changed.

All they do nowadays is go to a fuel station, fill the tank to  the brim, then drive to a safe washing bay, empty the tank using their boys, who sell the fuel, then give the cops the money. an accessible web community

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