Shameless Teacher Arrested For Defiling 10-year-old Pupil

Shameless Teacher Arrested For Defiling 10-year-old Pupil an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Mityana: The Police in Mityana district have on Thursday arrested a teacher over allegations that he defiled a pupil at a school where he teaches.

Geoffrey Mugula, 30, is a teacher at Maanyi Parents School, was arrested for allegedly defiling a ten-year-old girl (names withheld on request.)

Nobert Ochom, the Wamala Region Police Spokesperson, said that

“The mother of the victim told police that when her daughter broke off for second term holidays, her performance had declined and requested Mugula to offer her private lessons.

He added that “The mother also said that since the beginning of the week, the victim has been attending lessons at the suspect’s shop. However, on Thursday the girl returned home crying and told the mother that she had been defiled.” 

According to the Mother, the teacher sent the victim to his house to pick past examination papers. However, he followed the victim there and defiled her.

Ochom noted that the case had at first been reported at Maanyi Police post but it has since been forwarded to the Mityana Police Station for further investigations.

“With the minor’s narration, the teacher has been arrested and charged with aggravated defilement and soon after the medical report is made, we will have to send him to court for trial,” said Ochom.

Ochom added that the police have been holding community meetings and cautioning parents to avoid neglecting their children during the holidays, but many of them don’t heed the advice.

Police records indicate that 15,366 defilement cases were reported between 2017/2018, out of which 11,586 cases were of simple defilement and 3,780 cases were of Aggravated Defilement,  with  182 aggravated defilement cases involving teachers. idden0 \ls an accessible web community

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