Sheema District Trapped In Financial Crisis; Chokes On Garbage

Sheema District Trapped In Financial Crisis; Chokes On Garbage an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: The office of the Town Clerk Kabwohe division, Sheema municipality, has finally accepted defeat, by revealing that they’re facing a financial crisis and cannot even afford collecting garbage from dumping sites in the municipality.

Our Spy in the area reveals that the division has spent two weeks without collecting garbage in Kabwohe town, leaving many residents complaining about a looming health risk from the pungent stench and filth.

Following the debacle, several residents have since complained to the concerned authorities but in vain.

Our Spy reveals that although municipal authorities kept lying to residents that vehicles supposed to carry the garbage had mechanical problems, it has since emerged that the Municipal Council is cash-strapped.

Truth came out when our reporter reached the Kabwohe division offices and found the town Clerk Denis Mubangizi and his treasurer fundraising money to photocopy a book which had been sent to them from the municipality headquarters containing the landlords and their respective property tax rates.

Later afeter failing to photocopy the book due to lack of stationery, they decided to take it to a stationery shop in Kabwohe town, such that they could photocopy it on credit.

When asked why and how such a situation could arise, Mubangizi told our reporter that; “Just leave us because I don’t know what to do next; our treasury is as dry as a stone. We don’t even have money to photocopy this book. This system of government which orders us to first send money to the municipality and then to Kampala, for sure it is becoming a challenge to us.”

This is Kabwohe town

When asked about the garbage littered everywhere in town, Mubangizi said “All our vehicles are parked because we don’t have fuel. There is no way we can remove the garbage from town. I request people not to throw it in open places. We are trying to get a loan from Indians such that we can start running some activities because all our work is stuck.”

On Friday Nganwa High School students tried cleaning Kabwohe town but were overwhelmed by the amount of garbage and did only what they could.

Efforts by our reporter to reach the Sheema Municipality Mayor for a comment about the matter were futile because he couldn’t be reached on his known phone numbers. an accessible web community

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