Sheema RDC In Hot Soup, To Face NRM Disciplinary Committee Over Segregation

Sheema RDC In Hot Soup, To Face NRM Disciplinary Committee Over Segregation an accessible web community
By Michael Atwakiire
Sheema: Sheema district RDC Frank Kyereere is in hot soup after some of the NRM aspiring candidates vowed to report him to President’s office over segregation.
The contestants allege that the RDC has been always campaigning for only selected candidates mostly aspiring ministers yet all members are standing on NRM party ticket something that might cause divisionism in the party.
One of the top three NRM leaders in Sheema district (names withheld on request of anonymity), said they had already warned RDC over his acts invain and have since decided to report him to his bosses so he can be summoned in the NRM National disciplinary committee.
According to Lawyer Kamukama David of Byamugisha Gabriel and Co.Advocates who is also a director of Bikwatse Kamukama foundation, he said the RDC’s job is to maintain better security in the district and represent the President but not promoting segregation in the party.
“It’s unfortunate that an RDC can take side in NRM primaries, it indicates that he has totally failed his official job and is now tarnishing president’s name.
“His appointment is very clear, he should represent the President and be responsible for unity of all people regardless of their political parties, religion, age or culture. By the way by now, he would have started working tirelessly to convince opposition leaders to Join NRM party rather than mixing himself in politics of divisionism,” Kamukama said.
“If indeed he is president’s representative, he should not misrepresent his master. president can’t involve himself in dividing his own members as the National Chairman of the party,” he added.
However  Kyereere rubbished the claims and said he wasn’t campaigning for anyone as of yet since constitutionally nobody has been nominated to contest for anysany office.
“The party’s Electoral Commission has not nominated anyone yet, so how can I campaign for a non-existent candidate?! he said. an accessible web community

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