Sheema Teachers Fired Over Alcoholism

Sheema Teachers Fired Over Alcoholism an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: The District Education Officer (DEO) Sheema and the disciplinary committee has fired two primary teachers due to excessive drinking.

This happened on Saturday September 21, 2019 when these Teachers were summoned in the Reward and Sanction committee meeting with an intention of consoling them but at the end of it all the committee ended up resolving to sack them from the service.

Bamwesigye Simon 40 years from Kakindo primary school and Namara George William 45 years from Nyakanyinya primary school were seen in the DEO’s office crying and weeping while pleading officers to forgive them.

However, Esau Nsabiirwe Willy the DEO Sheema District said, last year his office got a report from the above mentioned schools complaining about excessive alcoholism of the two teachers.

His office tried to invite them for a warning but they refused to honor his invitation, in August 2018, the alleged teachers were suspended from teaching for some days but still they didn’t change their behaviors. This forced the DEO’s office to halt their salaries from February 2019 till date.

“Because of excessive alcohol, we decided to stop their salaries from February, what annoyed us was their refusal to appear efore the disciplinary committee. They refused to come, they decided to hide themselves from us until today when we landed on them. Of course we used to receive some complaints from their head teachers saying that they couldn’t teach anymore due to alcohol. We need to maintain our better performance, so we can’t tolerate this nonsense,” Nshabiirwe said.

Namara George William one of the sacked teachers told this reporter that he used to control himself by drinking little alcohol that couldn’t make him drunk.

He added that from the day he was cut off from his monthly Government salary, he went to Yesu Ahuriire Community Karama and got saved and became a full member of charismatic.

He asked D.E.O to forgive him, “I used to take too little alcohol that couldn’t make me drunk but I could get surprised to see people saying that I was a drunkard,” Namara Said.

Prior to that, before leaving Nyakanyinya primary school, Namara is said to have collected 250000 from parents saying that it was meant for field trip to Kasese for only primary seven pupils and he disappeared with it although he promised to pay it back if they allow him to
access his salary by giving him another chance to teach. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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