Shock As Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool Parades Illuminati Links With Human Skull Ring

Shock As Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool Parades Illuminati Links With Human Skull Ring an accessible web community an accessible web community

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Popular musician Moses Ssali aka  Bebe Cool has stunned many of his fans after parading what is officially known as the ‘Illuminati Ring’.

Bebe Cool parades Illuminati ring
Bebe Cool parades Illuminati ring

This comes after our snoops landing on snaps of  Bebe Cool in which he is seen brandishing the Illuminati Ring, which is a human skull moulded out of fin brass.

However, those well versed with information about the Illuminati  secret society reveal that this ring is usually worn by high ranking members or high profile recruits.

The same ring has in the past been seen worn by celebrated American artistes like Jay-Z and late Notorious BIG, Lil Wayne,  Johnny Depp, Keith Richard and others who are all said to be top Illuminati members.

American singer Keith  Richard's Illuminati ring
American singer Keith Richard’s Illuminati ring

However, Bebe Cool’s Illuminati links go back as far as 2014, when he introduced the use of electronic cards for  fans who were to attend his ‘Best of Bebe Cool’ concert.

Bebe Cool revealed that people who would  attend his “Best of Bebe Cool” concert would use an electronic financial card – the first of its kind in Uganda by a musician.

 However, questions were raised about the card with some people claiming that it could be containing a chip connected to devil worshipping.

The singer said the card could be used for quite a number of things and would allow his vast number of fans to access an array of services from Bebe Cool. The electronic card had a chip in it and each chip had a number that’s unique to only that user.

Bebe Cool said that the card was a new innovation that was meant to take his career as a unique Ugandan musician to another level.

 “I have taken fans from the level of the ticket to the level of the card, I don’t want to be cheated by people who forge tickets. That’s the reason I introduced the card. They can use it for this concert and even my next concert, they can load money on it and use it later,” said Bebe Cool then.

However, some fans were not comfortable with the idea of using an electronic card. Others even called it devilish and have quoted the bible to prove their claims.

 “I am his fan, but am very scared by this card. I am told it has a chip in it and this could be the mark that is talked about in the book of Revelations in the Bible. Revelation 13:16-18 talks of no one being able to buy or sale without the mark of the beast which can be inserted in a chip. I hope this card doesn’t have the mark,” said Henry Amooti, a staunch Christian and Gagamel fan.

However, now that he is brandishing Illuminati ornaments like the Skull Ring, many of his fans contend that Bebe could be sending out a message that is so silent but very loud to fellow secret society members. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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