It’s Another Bomb Shell! Shock As Zydus Cadila Country Director Is Caught Paying Millions For One-Night Stand Sex!

It’s Another Bomb Shell! Shock As Zydus Cadila Country Director Is Caught Paying Millions For One-Night Stand Sex! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Sachin Shasnikany Kalkarne, Uganda’s Country Director of Zydus Cadila AP, a global drug manufacturing company has been caught in a LOVE COBWEB with a ‘side dish’ that has turned a night mare to him.

Though officially married, those close to him say Sachin doesn’t allow any female specie to pass by him without throwing a jab. “We’ve known that man for decades, that’s his life, even if you dressed a goat in female clothes, Sachin would die trying,” his closest friend told this reporter.

“The fact is his libito is too high, he betrayed his official wife for a Kampala slayer who staked millions of money in exchange for sex

Our spy has gone ahead to ably identify the guzzling queen as Gazelle,of Rwandan origin.

To really confirm that indeed it’s true some times love makes one blind, the Asian businessman was lured into signing an agreement with the slay queen and the two ‘love birds’ finally settled for an undertaking to pay the millions of money now in question, to one Angel Mutonyi Didi. The cash-for-sex contract has since leaked to us.

The firmly agreed terms signed on 23 April 2019 document reads like a love-letter from the author to the Rwandan babe.

In the agreement, Sachin is professing undying love so that he undertakes to part with a monthly ‘upkeep’ of up to shs4.8m in order to have a piece Angel’s ripe yoyo.

As if that was not enough, highly sexually  charged Sachini was even willing to pay up to 57.7million per year up front  in order to enjoy for a full year uninterrupted!

“I Mr Sachini Kalkarne will pay UGX4, 810,000 (USD1300) to Angel Muyoni Dide effective from April 1, 2019 to March 2020 towards her salary per month. In return, Angel would be visiting Sachini on a daily basis and she would be vending her yoyo solely to the paying master,” reads in the statement.

A signed sex agreement by both parties

In order to enjoy uninterrupted sex, Sachini writes, “She will act as my wife and treat me like a husband and I will respect her as a wife. She will travel with me on my upcountry tours or even outside Uganda.”

Bearing the signatures of Sachini, Angel and Julian as witness as well as the telephone contacts of the parties therein, the document has clauses indicating situations that would lead to its invalidation. They include cheating on behalf of Sachini who would pay double the monthly stipend in fine to Angel. The clause also applies to Angel only that she would not have to pay anything in case she is caught in infidelity.

The other condition is when Sachini is leaving Uganda. In case of death of Sachini, the agreement would cease immediately. “In case of my death before March 2020, this liability will not be passed to my relatives, friends or organization,” he writes.

Be that as it may, Sachini has since FILED a complaint with Kira police station, accusing Angel of threatening him. But sources close to Angel intimate that Sachini is filing the case in order to avoid meeting the terms of the agreement after enjoying the goodies of the lady.
“He wants to have a soft landing. He is seeking to escape from his liabilities under the agreement,” is how the sources are arguing. Angel refused to say much when we contacted her. She stopped at admitting being privy to the contract at hand before shying away from offering more details. She referred us to her brother, and or her. Lawyers.

On contacting Julian, the witness, she told us to talk to a one Yusuf, the aide to Mr. Sachin. Yusuf indeed contacted us and confessed knowledge of the agreement.

He further said Angel had since written another agreement contradicting herself. But he neither provided the second agreement nor read its details to us.

Recently, US’ Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) permitted Zydus Cadila Group to market anti-viral drug Acyclovir Sodium Injection in composition of 500 mg and 1,000 mg.

It approved the supply of Acyclovir Sodium Injection, 500 mg (base)/10 mL (50 mg (base)/mL) and 1,000 mg (base)/20mL (50 mg (base)/mL) single-dose vials (USRLD —Zovirax® for injection)

It’s manufactured at the group’s formulations manufacturing facility at Moraiya, Ahmedabad.

Acyclovir is an antiviral drug that slows down the growth and spread of the herpes virus in the body.

Acyclovir injection is used to treat severe infections caused by herpes viruses,including severe forms of genital herpes, shingles (varicella-zoster), herpes encephalitis (swelling of the brain), neonatal herpes infection and herpes infections in people with other diseases that weaken the immune system. an accessible web community

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