Shock As Museveni Finds UBC Radio Housed In A Container

Shock As Museveni Finds UBC Radio Housed In A Container an accessible web community

By Mbabazi Hanning

Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation (UBC) radio station in Moroto district also known as Totore was commissioned by president Museveni in March 2015 and operates in Singila village.

However the president in a visit to Moroto district was shocked learning that the radio he commissioned operates from a small container in an open compound, which is littered with cow dang.

Jones Othieno alias DJ Jones, a staff at the station told the president at Morulinga State Lodge in Moroto that the station, which serves Karamoja region, only operates twice a month due to technical and electricity problems.

Othieno, who utilized the opportunity of question time, revealed to the president that the radio had failed to serve its purpose in the region due to technical problems.

He urged the president to intervene in the situation.  President Museveni laughed at the revelation and pledged to follow up the matter.

“I’m sorry to hear about UBC which is totally seasonal. A radio is supposed to be daily not seasonal. That it only comes on twice every month – that one now is something new because radio is supposed to be every day, otherwise how will people know which date. I’m very happy you told me, I’m really going to follow it up.” said Museveni.

Presenter Inside UBC studios Moroto

On the On many occasions, government officials, who are supposed to sensitize residents on government programs, opt for private radio stations in town due to the poor status of the UBC station an accessible web community an accessible web community

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