Shock As Ugandan Is Murdered In Turkey, Internal Organs Stolen

Shock As Ugandan Is Murdered In Turkey, Internal Organs Stolen

By Andrew Irumba

Untold shock has gripped the family of a Ugandan youth who was murdered in Turkey last week after they discovered that some of his internal organs are missing.

Sharif Sentoogo, alias Madi, 20, who died in Turkey on November 3, was found with missing body organs following a postmortem at Kampala Capital City Authority mortuary.

It is alleged that Sentoogo died after being hit on the head by a Nigerian only identified as Bullet, although Turkish authorities didn’t reveal whether the killer was arrested or not.

His body was repatriated to Uganda just a few months after being flown to Turkey for employment by a recruitment agency in Kampala.

However, the recruitment agency has sinfe remained tight-lipped about Sentoogo’s unexplained death, leaving the family stranded with so many unanswered questions.

But it should be noted that several Ugandan youth have been killed and their internal organs stolen in Turkey, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Thailand and other countries where they are exported for labour.

In most cases the murders are disguised as accidents or suicide cases.

The Uganda police are yet to issue a statement about Sentoogo’s murder and the illegal harvesting of Internal Organs from Ugandans who are being trafficked abroad under the guise of getting them lucrative jobs. an accessible web community

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