Singer Daddy Andre Wets Bonkmate Nina Roz With Romance On Women’s Day

Singer Daddy Andre Wets Bonkmate Nina Roz With Romance On Women’s Day an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Following their several denials of chewing one another, duo singers Nina Roz and audio producer Daddy Andre unveiled and confirmed to the general public that they were in it indeed after an introduction ceremony that called it an end for 2020.

Nina And Andy On Their Introduction Ceremony In 2020

Bringing you to-date-just as an update of how far the relationship has gone, one would say all is fresh for Daddy Andre who seems to be “mad-in-love” after coming openly via his social media handles to share some sweetness about his bonkmate celebrating her as his hero for 2021 women’s day.

The Duo Still On Introduction

Andy says that he is lucky to marry a beautiful woman and useful as she was created by God for him, who is a motivator and inspirational.

“She is beautiful as rainbow colors useful as was created by God for and to me I call her the woman above all women, strong woman, inspiring woman and a motivator. Happy women’s day my love Nina Roz “ he posted.

Since they are celebs, it attracted many critics at the genesis of their relationship some judging that actually it wound end in tears but Nina Roz and Daddy Andre still up driving their relationship steadily, as Nina is said to be busy feeding Andy’s nerves with all sorts of nutrition that has since kept the producer’s stem upright in a couple of nights. an accessible web community

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