Singer Serena Bata Lover Sipapa Arrested

Singer Serena Bata Lover Sipapa Arrested an accessible web community

By Ronaldo N Kalangi

City socialite Charles Olim aka Sipapa has been re-arrested for public nuisance and inconsiderate use of road and motor vehicle.

Olim was arrested from Kiseka Market on Wednesday evening following distress calls from business operators. His arrests have always come after public outcry about his impunity on the roads.

Police have now warned celebrities,civil servants and motorists over road indiscipline that will lead to their arrest regardless of their social status.

Other details revealed that Olim was on wanted list for assaulting a journalist two months ago.

This is his second arrest since May 8th when he was charged for violating traffic rules.

He is currently detained at CPS Kampala. an accessible web community

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