SK Mbuga Caught In Sex Scandal As Model Accuses Him  Of Demanding For Sex Before Getting Job At His STV

SK Mbuga Caught In Sex Scandal As Model Accuses Him Of Demanding For Sex Before Getting Job At His STV an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

City businessman Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga alias SK Mbuga, is in hot soup after Ugandan model only identified as Julian Iryn allegedly accused him of demanding her for sex in exchange for a job at STV, a local TV channel he owns with his wife Jalia Mbuga.

According to our Spies, trouble for Mbuga started a few months ago after Julian humbly requested him for job opportunity as a Fashion TV presenter or host on STV.

One of the saucy snaps Julian Iryn sent to SK Mbuga

Leaked messenger texts exchanged between them indicate that SK Mbuga allegedly agreed to give Julian the job on condition that she had to send to him her very ‘nice’  pictures and videos (if you know what that means)!

We have since learnt that Julian indeed sent Mbuga very tantalizing pictures of her, such that he could fully appreciate the kind of person he wanted to hire at STV,  since a TV host has to be Photogenic and appealing to the viewers.

However, on seeing the pictures, Mbuga, as the would-be boss, got tempted so much by her mouthwatering body and delicious-looking booty that he decided to ‘Kugikwatako’; as in to Touch-touch it!

Being a very sharp guy, he pretended that it is not him who wanted to do Julian, but his younger  brother, so he texted her thus; “You are going to first do something. You are going to sleep with my brother. He is 24.”

Little did he know that  Julian  is a very sharp girl who knows that there are several employers in Uganda who are sexually exploiting young girls  after promising them lucrative jobs or juicy salary packages; so she replied him in her broken English thus; “Hahahahahahaa….Are you for real Sigaza emirimu gyo. Uganda kale munewunyisa…now you and Bryan White has no different.”

Another sleazy snap Julian Iryn took posing for SK Mbuga’s Visual Interview

A few days after the exchange between the two, our Spies have landed on their text messages and the very saucy pictures SK Mbuga allegedly received from  Julian, only that being a Hajji, at least he wouldn’t have done this during the holy month of Ramadhan! That’s if the whole saga is true, for now it’s still ‘mbu’.  
Here they are;

Mbuga’s friend Bryan White was last week accused by two girls of sexual abuse

Mbuga returned to Uganda last year after serving  jail time in Dubai and Sweden. He had been arrested by the International Police (Interpol) in Dubai in connection to fraud charges that involved 53m Swedish Kroner about Shs23Bn that his wife Vivian Birungi Mbuga allegedly swindled from a joint account she owned with her ex-boyfriend Sten Heisoo in Sweden. an accessible web community

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