Socialite Bad Black Angered By Sex Workers Dishing Out ‘Goodies’ To Truck Drivers Against Her Advice On COVID-19 Social Distance

Socialite Bad Black Angered By Sex Workers Dishing Out ‘Goodies’ To Truck Drivers Against Her Advice On COVID-19 Social Distance an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Popular socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black alias ‘Masolo Queen’ is in untold pain after being angered by sex workers in Uganda who have stubbornly refused to take heed of her advice against Track drivers and continued breaching directives on maintaining Social Distance, as a way of preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

In his efforts to curtail the spread of Coronavirus, President Yoweri Museeni recently urged all Ugandans and sex workers to stay away from truck drivers from within and those from across borders, after  the Ministry of Health revealed that  they are the now the main source of all the new cases of COVID-19 infections.

However, despite numerous warnings, sex workers, slay queens and other women involved in Freelance ‘Thigh Vending’ have continued to supply their Waterlogged Goodies to truck drivers, thereby creating a fertile environment for the spread of COVID-19,  yet Government, through the Ministry of Health and the Response Task Force, had done everything possible to contain the spread of the pandemic.

Bad Black aka Masolo Queen’s post about Sex Workers dealing with Truck Drivers

It is this reckless behaviour of the sex workers and truck drivers that has now angered their ‘commander’ Bad Black so much that on Tuesday she took to her social media handle and issued out a warning to them by posting thus; “I refused these girls ba Truck Drivers naye can’t listen!”

In other words, Bad Black is saying that she stopped these girls from supplying their Goodies to truck drivers but they have adamantly refused to listen to her words, yet they are ignorantly risking their lives, as if insinuating that it was time she took another direction to force them to heed to her advice.

It should be noted that last month, Bad Black, a self-proclaimed Yoyo vendor, was appointed by the COVID-19 Task Force as an  Ambassador for Sex Workers in the fight against COVID-19, whereby her main task was to sensitize all her ‘workmates’ about the dangers of fraternizing with truck drivers at this time, because they risk contracting COVID-19.

Infact, our spy intimated that ‘Masolo’ bagged millions from the MoH to do the visual and audio adverts that are doing rounds on TVs,Radios and social media platforms where she is advising them to stay away from truck drivers.

This was after officials from the Ministry of Health observed that all the recent cases of COVID-19 infections are long-distance drivers entering Uganda from the country’s borders. an accessible web community

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