Speaker Kadaga Hails Ismaili Community For Transforming Ugandans

Speaker Kadaga Hails Ismaili Community For Transforming Ugandans

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The Speaker of Parliament of Uganda, Rt. Hon Rebeca Alitwala Kadaga has commended the humanitarian activities by the Ismaili community that has been engrained in Ugandan cultures for generations, contributing to humanitarian work and improving communities.

The Speaker revealed her appreciation for the community’s activities while launching the Ismaili Civic Uganda (ICU) last week at Fairway Hotel. Mr. Azhar Jaffer, the community’s outreach Chairman at the Ismaili National Council for Uganda said the the Ismaili community in Uganda has been involved in a number of humanitarian good deeds all aimed at improving the lives of Ugandans.

“It is our focus to work on issues affecting our community, most specifically, on how to promote environmental issues and reduce our carbon footprint. If each of us makes small efforts to reduce our emissions, together as a society we will be doing a great justice to the world in which we live,” added Azhar.

What Is Ismaili Civic?

Ismaili Civic is a global Initiative launched this year by the Shia Ismaili community in efforts to better serve humanity and improve the quality of life of people. The initiative brings together Ismailis from around the world, all working towards efforts of civic engagement and good citizenship.

More Donations To Ugandans

The community has since made headlines in Uganda due to its tireless efforts to serve Ugandans in various ways noting the recent engagement when they donated 7,000Kgs of food items to 1,000 Muslim families during Ramadan period.

They also collected and donated countless numbers of clothes in support of the Parliament of Uganda’s call to support people with Albinism, something that Speaker Kadaga has advocated for. And at the launch of this community, Speaker Kadaga went on to congratulate them for their contributions made so far.

Those Containers & Windows Were Supplied By Ismaili Community In Uganda

It is also worth noting that the Ismaili community in Uganda actively supported Government’s efforts in fighting against Covid-19 with a donation of an ambulance facility and other various equipment.They also facilitated Emergency Response training to UPDF front line medical staff through the Aga Khan University, among others.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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