Speaker Kadaga Tasks AG Byaruhanga To Appear Before Parliament Today To Explain Why EOC Lack Substantive Chairperson

Speaker Kadaga Tasks AG Byaruhanga To Appear Before Parliament Today To Explain Why EOC Lack Substantive Chairperson

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The Speaker of Parliament Rt.Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has revealed via her Facebook page that he has instructed Attorney General William Byaruhanga to appear before parliament today, Thursday, 8, April 2021 to explain why the office of Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) among others including the Inspector General of Government (IGG), Uganda Human Rights Council (UHRC) lack substantive leaders/chairpersons.

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”I’ve instructed the Attorney General to come to Parliament, tomorrow, and explain why the IGG, UHRC, and the Equal Opportunities Council currently lack substantive leadership. Contracts of respective Chairpersons and staff expired long ago,” said Kadaga.

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It’s worth noting that the contracts for the EOC commissioners, including the chairperson, Sylvia Muwebwa Ntambi, expired in January and the President has not communicated his decision on whether or not he will renew some of them.

Three commissioners including Ms Ntambi are, however, would be eligible to be reappointment for another five-year- term but amidst a variety of corruption scandals she is dipped in, no one can determine the future of her contract.

Other commission members are; Joel Cox Ojuko, Patrobas Sirabo Wafula, Zaminah Malole and Dennis Nduhura.

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On therehand, the office of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) remained vacant after the previous chairperson of the commission Med Sozzi Kaggwa died last year. However, he has never been replaced since then.

Earlier this year, the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament questioned the failure of the president to appoint a new chairperson for the commission.

There other office is the office of Inspector General of Government (IGG) that fell vacant on July 5 2020 when the second term of Justice Irene Mulyagonja expired.

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Previously in one of the interviews, the Attorney General, Mr William Byaruhanga, responded to such complaints that the President will take time studying the candidates to take over those offices hence the delaying for the appointments of substantive leaders.

“All those positions you are referring to are delicate so the appointing authority doesn’t want to rush into making appointments and he makes mistakes. The good thing, we have people acting in all those positions, so we don’t have a leadership vacuum,” he said.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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