Splash’s Agronomist Confidence Finally Off The Shelf

Splash’s Agronomist Confidence Finally Off The Shelf

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By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Britania Aliied Industries Ltd, commonly known by its house hold name, Splash’s Agronomist, Twinamatsiko Confidence has finally come of age after he found his missing rib.

On Thursday 30th July, 2020  Akatwijuka precious Ariho was traditionally crowned Mrs Twinamatsiko Confidence at a colorful ‘scientific’ introduction ceremony which took place at the Uganda Manufacturers’ Association (UMA) show ground Little Liz Restaurant. The function was attended only by a few closest friends and family members, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Mr Confidence and Ms Precious At St Francis Chapel Makerere

After the Thursday introduction, the two lovebirds were spiritually required to fulfill the sacrament of religious wedding aka matrimony, so on Saturday August 1,2020, they rushed to St. Francis Chapel Makerere, to seek God’s blessings and intervention in their new journey of life, which was successfully conducted, and now the two are legally allowed to bonk till death do them apart. “You’re now man and woman, and what God has joined together,no one should put a sunder,” the presiding father sealed it off.

From the church, the ‘twenty-twenty’ lovely newlyweds, accompanied by their parents hosted their guests to a memorable sumptuous reception that took place at City Royal Resort Hotel in Bugolobi, another second moment that was full of spontaneous meals and all tribes of drinks.

Mr. Confidence and Wife Precious, Best Man & Metron After Church


According to our spy who attended the function, the two lovebirds share a lot of things in common that actually seem to indicate that they were meant to be together.

Both Twinamatsiko and his wife hail from Western Uganda. She was born in Makanga village, Kabale Municipality, in Kabale  District, while Twinamatsiko is a product of  Kamwezi Sub-county, in Rukiga district.

Confidence’s One & Only Precious Ariyo

The openly affectionate couple also has another uniqueness, whereby both of them were raised by single mothers, hence during  their lovely moments, each one will now become father and mother to the other. Now that’s a comforting assurance of life that every spouse yearns for in a marriage.

Akatwijuka is a niece to former Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) senior commissioner and aspiring Member of Parliament Sheema Municipality Dickson Kateshumbwa aka Katesh.

She holds a bachelor’s of laws obtained from Uganda Christian University and a practicing certificate from Law Development Centre (LDC), and currently works with Tumwebaze, Kasirye & Company Advocates.

On behalf of TheSpy Uganda we wish the couple a blessed marriage and un interrupted bonking sessions full of twins.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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