Squeaky-Bum Time For Speaker Kadaga As She Runs Out Of Patience! Rushes To Kisozi Uninvited, Begs Museveni To Eliminate ‘Thorny’ Oulanyah From Speakership Race!

Squeaky-Bum Time For Speaker Kadaga As She Runs Out Of Patience! Rushes To Kisozi Uninvited, Begs Museveni To Eliminate ‘Thorny’ Oulanyah From Speakership Race!

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: In a period of only a fortnight, the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has forged a meeting with President Yoweri Kaguta twice as a result of pressure exerted by her ‘thorny’ rival Jacob Oulanyah who has since beaten highest odds of taking over the speakership position come 11th parliament.

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It should be noted that on Tuesday, Museveni among other government officials Kadaga inclusive attended the function to mourn the deceased Kampala Archbishop, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga at Kololo independence, from this function, the president flew to his farm in Kisozi for his personal businesses.

According to our sources, Kadaga who had all along targeted the president at the function to brief him on how Oulanyah is giving her runnning nose, she ended up failing but due to the panic she was dealing with at the moment she opted hiring a chopper and flew to Kisozi [Gomba] district to cry to Museveni.

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Unfortunately, the source reveals that when she reached in Kisozi at the farm, she was bounced back by President’s commandos and told her she was not on the program of those invited or authorized to meet the president at the moment which she also responded to by housing at the gate for hours.

However, by God’s mercy the fracas later fall into Museveni’s ears and ordred the commandos to have mecry for her and let her in for only thirty minutes something that saw Kadaga entering with smiles ear to ear.

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The source adds thus; ”In the brief meeting, Kadaga cried to museveni to help her be retained as the speaker and advise Oulanyah to back her and stay as the deputy speaker which Museveni laughed at before responding to her that she should consider CEC’s decision not Museveni as a person.”

Remember that in the previous meeting at the state house Museveni still advised Kadaga to respect CEC decisions. He told her, ‘The Central Executive Committee (CEC), a top organ of the ruling party will decide the fate of the speakership and its decisions will be final.”

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Museveni also warned Kadaga from involving his supreme name in her dirty politics and cautioned her from accrediting her self for the nursing of constitiuoon that saw Museveni coming back on the ballot paper in the recently concluded polls.

He warned, “If you say you helped me push age limit bill, you are wrong. Nankabirwa had convinced me she was a good mobiliser in parliament and I was ready to go for referendum.”

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At the end of the meeting that was also attended by the NRM vice chairperson Hajj Moses Kigongo, government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa, NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba and Prime Minister, Dr.Ruhakana Rugunda among other party officials, President Museveni suspended campaigns for speakership until further notice.

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