Ssebulime Murder: His Life Was Cut Short Because He Took Photos Of Minister Kissing With Mysteries Man In Official Car!-Source

Ssebulime Murder: His Life Was Cut Short Because He Took Photos Of Minister Kissing With Mysteries Man In Official Car!-Source an accessible web community

Siraje Lubwama

It’s seemingly clear now than ever before that Honourable State Minister of ICT Aida Nantaba’s statements conflict with the gathered information from other sources like relatives of the deceased and eye witnesses in the now trending controversial case of a one murdered Ronald Sebulime in cold blood. Spy Uganda reporter’s Sirajje Lubwama had a one on one with X-ISO Spy and relatives on Saturday. Read on…

 As police is still struggling to get a detailed statement from the Minister for Information   and Communication Technology (ICT) Aida Erios Nantaba to compare with the information so far gathered, more information is still trickling in on why Ronald Sebulime was murdered in cold blood.

On March 24, Nantaba allegedly survived an attack from gunmen as she was moving to Kampala from Kayunga. Ssebulime who was handcuffed was later removed from the police patrol and gunned down at Nagojje.

An eye witness told this reporter that  he saw the late Ssebulime photographing Nantaba kissing a man in civilian clothes in her moving vehicle as Ssebulime who was on a motor bike was trying to get the best shot of the alleged act.

“I did not know this gentleman until one policeman who was investigating in the area named him as Tugume, one of Nantaba’s official body guards from SFC. Later I saw Nantaba disembarking the vehicle chasing Ssebulime on foot,” said a youth who requested not to be named.

Police which had reportedly said it had given up on investigating Nantaba after she refused to go to CIID headquarters to record a detailed statement have however refuted this analogy saying there was no way anybody from outside could take a photograph of occupants inside since Nantaba’s car was tinted.

X-ISO Spy Weighs In

Maj Godfrey Musisi Galabuzi

However, former Internal Security Organization (ISO) operative Maj Godfrey Musisi Galabuzi has described Nantaba as a liar who could have framed the alleged two men of trying to end her life.

Musisi said Nantaba is her neighbour who bought part of his grandparent’s graveyard and constructed a burglary she painted yellow at Bulooli village, Namugongo in Wakiso district.

“I encountered Nantaba’s arrogance one day early March as she was leaving her residence in her official car in the morning and she met me on the way to my home while holding a kaveera. She ordered his two body guards to stop and shoot at me accusing me of being a terrorist!,” Musisi narrated.

He added; “I was only saved by her bodyguards who asked me what I was carrying in the kaveera and I showed them the kaveera only to find it was foodstuffs…and then they let me to go, so when I hear that she ordered his bodyguard to shoot in the air, I remember what she wanted to do to me and the allegations that she told her body guards about me”.

Another Nantaba’ s neighbour Speaks Out

Another neighbour to Nantaba’s Namugongo residence told this reporter on Tuesday that she (Nantaba) created enemies recently when she picked a quarrel with his brother (name withheld) who visited him seeking some financial support.

The source said Nantaba had refused to provide support for her brother but later on after along argument she releases the support but ordered him to leave her residence immediately, ever since that time this neighbour suspects they’ve never got back to terms because she even suspected him of having poisoned her.

“When Nantaba went to UK, after his brother’s visit, she complained of stomach pain and rung the brother alleging he could have poisoned her, they’ve never got along ever since,” the neighbour revealed. an accessible web community

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