State House Doubles Budget To Shs407Bn

State House Doubles Budget To Shs407Bn an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: The State House budget for  the Financial Year 2019/ 2020 has been raised to Shs407.138Bn, up from Shs274.052Bn in the  2018/19 FY. This means that the budget has been increased by 48%.

Analysts however contend that this increment is due to the upcoming 2021 general elections, which will require men to be used to mobilize masses towards political and socio-economic transformation, industrialization, and improved service delivery,  plus facilitating political activities, implementation of government Policies and Programmes. This was revealed in Ministerial Policy Statement tabled before the Presidential Affairs Committee. While appearing before the Committee, the State House team said that with the proposed allocation of Shs404.138Bn, State House plans to undertake a number of activities that include providing the necessary logistical support for the welfare and security of the President and the Vice President as well as their immediate families.

The Statement indicates that the proposed allocation to wage category has been maintained at Shs17.O97Bn, while the non-wage recurrent category is Shs377.7O3Bn. Domestic development category will be allocated Shs12.338Bn. In the Financial Year 2018/2019, Shs274.052Bn was appropriated to Vote 002 of which wage was Shs15.225Bn, non-wage recurrent-Shs246.488Bn, while domestic development category was Shs12.338Bn.  State House also intends to use the funds to promote regional integration and international relations for purposes of political, social and economic gains, and the creation of investment opportunities a new report from Parliament has revealed.  Jessica Ababiku, Chairperson Presidential Affairs Committee told Parliament that “The Committee was informed that the current outstanding donations under State House total to Shs386Bn which is a tremendous improvement in comparison to over Shs11.9 Trillion about 8 years ago.

The Committee applauded State House efforts in directing many of the Presidential pledges to MDAs in which they fall which has resulted into the tremendous performance. The Committee recommends that State House expedites handling of the remaining Presidential Pledges in the medium term.” The Committee also recommended to the Ministry of Finance to give State House another Shs4bn for the implementation of model villages across the Country while supporting the existing ones and called on State House to phase out model villages that were established between the year 2004 and 20l0 for sustainability motive and creating space to bring others on board. The Committee also commended State House for fighting to reduce presidential pledges that can’t be categorized among ministries like buying iron sheets for a church or mosque, buying vehicles for religious leaders, supporting a patient for treatment abroad among others. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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